Al Pacino will be someone in SON OF NO ONE

If Robert De Niro leaves your film an obvious and probably decent replacement is Al Pacino; both are iconic actors that are often compared to each other. Those behind the cop thriller SON OF NO ONE have pulled off this move, as Pacino will fill a role in the film that De Niro was previously attached to play.

SON OF NO ONE will be directed Dito Montiel, who previously directed the very cool A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS and the moderately enjoyable movie FIGHTING (guess what it's about?). Those films both included actor Channing Tatum in major roles, and the streak of Montiel and Tatum working together will stay alive with SON OF NO ONE. Tatum is set to play the lead role of a young cop working in his old neighborhood that learns a big secret that greatly affects him.

Al Pacino is now set to appear in another cop thriller, not shocking news. SON OF NO ONE does sounds intriguing due to the talent involved including Pacino. Shooting will start on the film March 22.

P.S. How much do you want to bet Pacino raises his voice in the film and starts shouting? A negative hundred dollars?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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