Alanna Raben

East Coast Correspondent

Taking charge behind the camera at a very young age, Alanna has always been interested in film, whether it was stealing the family camcorder for her own use during holiday parties or further torturing her kin in the revealing documentary, THAT'S SO RABEN.

Captured by the French New Wave with its innovative use of hand-held camera movement (particularly BREATHLESS), Alanna was inspired to make a career out of her hobby and study film. She’s since graduated from SUNY Purchase College with a BA in Cinema Studies and has worked at NYC film distribution companies, Film Movement and IndiePix, toiling behind the scenes in Marketing. In addition, Alanna has put on numerous successful Premiere events that have been listed in the NY Times (including WE LIVE IN PUBLIC Premiere which she hosted alongside actor Adrian Grenier and most recently, SHOOTING STARS Premiere which she hosted alongside hip-hop celebrity photographer Johnny Nunez).

A huge fan of horror, Alanna was banned from normal childhood activities in second grade when she brought a VHS of CHILD'S PLAY to her best friends sleepover, giving all of her friends nightmares and their parents headaches the following week. One of her most admired genre entries is Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES, which she conducted a DVD commentary and interview for with actor Brady Corbet. Some of her favorite directors are David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, and the aforementioned Haneke.

As a professional dougie instructor, Alanna makes a serious hobby out of cutting rugs on the side. She DJs around NYC’s hottest venues and you most likely can find her at home Youtubing mid-90’s music videos singing along to every lyric in her spare time. Her voice has been compared to a combination of Fergie and Jesus, which she showcases at almost any bar with a karaoke machine. She believes everything sounds a little better with more cowbell.