Allison Loring


Soundtrack/Festival Reviewer

Growing up, Allison was known as a tomboy who could take a punch to the arm or a fall to the ground as good as (if not better) than any of the boys. She was tough, she was feisty, she did not cry. And then a little movie called TITANIC came out and she found herself weeping uncontrollably in a dark theater. What had happened? Had she grown soft? Had becoming a teenager caused her to lose her playground edge? As the credits rolled to Celine Dion (you know the song), Allison wiped away her tears with butter-stained napkins and realized what had happened. It was the music! The theme that played throughout the 2+ hour movie caused her to swell up every time. It was in this moment that Allison’s intrigue by the effect of music in movies began.

This love of music led Allison to Los Angeles, where she majored in “corralling rock stars” (i.e. studying the ins and outs of a recording studio). Not happy unless she is going “Mach 5 with her hair on fire,” Allison also balanced jobs in different aspects of the music industry from record labels to management to concert booking. After a stint in the world of agencies (think Ari Gold), she fortuitously landed in music publishing and now spends her days providing music to different productions including, you guessed it, movies.

Although music is Allison’s first love, she has always harbored a strong desire to write, but had no real outlet to do so. But thanks to fellow GATWer Kate Erbland (real life bestie/ying to her yang), Allison now gets to combine her two loves as part of the GATW family.

Allison also enjoys tennis, playing the piano, frozen yogurt, Robert Pattinson’s hair, and drinking more coffee than is probably legal (or healthy).