Andrew Johnson

News Writer

Andrew has degrees in Film Studies, Sociology and Journalism from North Carolina State University. He is currently a freelance writer ( and has hosted film and TV-related podcasts on the RandomChatter Podcast Network ( for over five years. He has resigned himself to living the life of a poverty-stricken film journalist, since after all, if the Machine Uprising is coming any day now, it’s best to just do what you love now and wait until you’re plugged in to the Matrix to get rich and famous.

Fun facts: Andrew loves the work of Hitchcock and Kubrick. He’s fascinated with Chinese cinema and wishes people will stop dismissing it as “commie propaganda.” He considers Donnie Yen the greatest living martial artist. He speaks Spanish just in case his house is overrun by evil spirits and he needs to call a stereotypical Hispanic medium for help.

Andrew is also one of those people.  You know… one those people who insists that Darren Aronofsky’s THE FOUNTAIN isn’t an incoherent mess of a movie but actually one of the greatest cinematic feats of all time. Perhaps it’s because he was born deep in the jungles of Guatemala beneath the shimmering glow of Xibalba (not really), once performed brain surgery on a primate (also not really), or at times wishes he could achieve enlightenment and travel across space and time (really).