ATLAS SHRUGGED begins shooting; new cast and director signed at the last minute

Will Schiffelbein

by: Will Schiffelbein
June 14th, 2010

ATLAS SHRUGGED is a project I've been following for some time now. The film adaptation of the epochal novel has been in and out of development for the last twenty years. My interest began when I first finished the novel when I was still in high school. Since then, I've reread the book. On the one hand, I now detest the book and its followers. On the other, I'm incredibly curious to see how someone can actually make it into a movie.

According to Variety, filming has started on the ATLAS SHRUGGED movie. Not only that, but they've picked a really interesting cast. Check it out, after the break.

Before I launch into my tirade, I might as well deliver the facts. The movie is shooting and they've got a director. Paul Johansson of One Tree Hill is tasked with directing, as well as starring, in the movie. In addition to his work behind the camera, Johansson will also play the film's lead role - John Galt. Also starring in the film is Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart and Grant Bowler as Hank Rearden.

In most of my news posts, I try to keep a positive light. When reading my interpretations of movie news, I tend to radiate optimism. And yet, there isn't a single ounce of good that can come from this adaptation. The book is a massive 1,200 pages. Much of it is full of dry dialogue, including a 30 page speech delivered by Galt himself. In addition, the characters are bland and boring; they all share the same single personality trait -  they are hard-working. Above all, the lead characters emphasize success in everything they do. Failure is not an option. They hate collective activity and groan at the notion of the common good.

In short, the book is a piece full of radical psychobabble that espouses a juvenile ideology. Lunatics and revolutionaries have clung to this book, ignorant of its piss-poor writing and uninteresting characters. For God's sake, the woman boils down love to a free market exchange of goods. So long as the film adaptation remains faithful to the book's themes and arguments, I can't possibly see this being any good. Expect Grover Norquist to be first in line for this inevitable trash heap.

Source Variety, via /Film

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  • KateErbland

    This is literally all you need to know about Johansson –

  • Jonathan Davis

    that's just about the opposite of Randian heroism…to just stand there and watch a dog eat your new heart. He must not have truly believed in the idea of a new heart.

  • KateErbland

    This is literally all you need to know about Johansson –

  • Jonathan Davis

    that's just about the opposite of Randian heroism…to just stand there and watch a dog eat your new heart. He must not have truly believed in the idea of a new heart.

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  • Robert

    I'll be the first revolutionary to buy a ticket. What a wonderful, timeless work this will be…a huge blockbuster that will give the detractors nightmares and hopefully change the country for the better.

  • Ragnar

    Perhaps, Will, you detest the followers of Objectivism because as you have gotten older, you have realized flaws in your character that make it impossible for you to ever become one. That has actually happened to many people. Objectivism requires the absolute best in its practitioners, and very few can ultimately live up to what it takes. Better to die trying though, than to give up and retreat into the safety of collectivism.

  • C. Alexander

    Galt's speech is 50 pages in my book, while it was 70 in the first edition. It's hefty, but it's essential to the novel. I hope that John Aglialoro does a good job with it.

  • frediano

    Great. Another PolitScientist, fearful that there won't be a seat for him at the Circus of Paternalistic Megalomania, if too many people catch on to Rand's “one skin, one driver” message.

    That's 'one skin, one driver.” Not 'my skin uber alles.' Not 'most skins uber alles.' It doesn't take long to understand what the alternatives to 'one skin, one driver' are all about. If Rand is the idiot in your eyes, then wear those alternatives, proudly.

    Your vast love affair with movies began when? 3 years ago? You have condiments in your refrigerator that old. You are a child. Your picture says it all. You've failed to understand Rand, either deliberately or not. But, you've failed, that is clear.

    Four years of 'politsci' indoctrination, and then you are off to DC to take your place running 'the' economy. Meanwhile, never once set foot in a factory, nor have ever heard the phrase 'f***ing the dog' used in its proper context.

    If you are a 'politSci' major who can actually provide a working definition of the world 'politics' after four years, without busting a gut or uttering some inane nonsense, then you would be among the very few. So, go look it up, and come back with something original.

    “S”ociety is God, and the state is its proper church. Rand takes dead aim at the vampire religion that dare not speak its name in the light of day. Rand is a threat only to that theocracy and its religious zealouts. She is like litmus paper. Far from being the leader of any cult, you can detect the real True Believers by their sweaty, palpable reaction to her. She's nailed folks like you to the wall, and in the face of her argument, you either cling to your comfortable religion until your finger's bleed, or you grow up and evolve out of the jungle.

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