Brian Salisbury

Brian Salisbury

There are few things I can say about myself that haven’t been broadcast liberally across the walls of the women’s room in that Ann Arbor truck stop, but I’ll try. Just over two years ago, I embarked on a quest. With the blessing of the world’s greatest wife, Gordon and the Whale’s own Toni Salisbury, I uprooted everything I knew and moved to Austin, Texas with one goal: destroy the internet! Well no, actually the goal was to submerse myself in everything film and become a tenth level movie wizard. I love cult cinema, extreme genre, and the beautifully intangible experience of seeing a movie in a theater: the Alamo Drafthouse is my holy temple. Writing about movies seemed merely a natural extension of the ad naseum film-related diatribes in which I find myself daily engaged. So look out Gordon and/or The Whale, you’ve hired yourself a maverick supergeek!


Fantastic Fest 2010 Video Interview: RED actor Karl Urban

by: Brian Salisbury
October 10th, 2010

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