AVATAR prequel novel to be written by James Cameron

As everyone knows, AVATAR is officially the highest grossing film of all time, both domestically and worldwide. Now that James Cameron films AVATAR and TITANIC have both first and second place domestically and worldwide, the studios will basically let him do anything he wants. So when the idea came up to make an AVATAR prequel, he agreed, in novel form.

Cameron plans to write a novel chronicling the events before the film. The story could very well include the life of Jake and his brother Tommy on Earth, Dr. Augistine's Na'vi school, and Colonel Quaritch before and after his arrival on Pandora. The novel is said to not be a broader novelization of the film, but completely all new stories.

I was sold instantly on this. I think that a novel would be the best way to cover all these separate stories and fully flesh them out. If they were in a film, there would have to be some give and take, and it could end up being pretty shallow. The only fear seems to be the quality of the writing by Cameron. AVATAR isn't exactly known for its masterful story or writing. At the same time, it is a completely different medium, one Cameron might be very good at.

Would you go pick up the AVATAR prequel novel?

Source: MTV, via Cinematical

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