Box Office Wrap-Up For March 30-April 1: WRATHful teens take out Snow White as HUNGER GAMES is #1 again

TITANS, fairy tales and some murderous teens.  All in another week at the box office.

Coming out of the gates strong this week, the number one slot belonged to THE HUNGER GAMES, taking in a total of $61.1 million over the weekend - bringing its total to roughly $251 million.  In its second week, clocking in at around four-thousand screens, the film may be taking in the big bucks but (shockingly) fell flat with a 60% drop from week one.

Hit the jump to find out where some titans and a certain Mars-based adventurer happened to land this week.

Word of mouth on THE HUNGER GAMES has been decidedly mixed, with advocates of the book finding the breezy read to be far more visceral an experience than the Gary Ross-directed feature adaptation (something this writer may not know firsthand). The film isn’t a stinker, but with its shoulder-shrug of an ending, what should have been a sci-fi call to arms for the 99% is simply a mediocre piece of science-fiction that is elevated by fine performances and some oddly-mixed production design.  Although not a sour experience, it’s not surprising that a certain sequel took a bit of its market share.

Getting this week’s silver medal is WRATH OF THE TITANS, a film this guy decided to skip due to the ineptitude of the first feature in the franchise.  Making back only $34.2 million of its (freaking disgusting) $150 million budget, the film may leave WB in the red, with a poor showing and even worse reviews.

Third place went to MIRROR MIRROR, a film I did happen to see. I found it immensely slight but oddly endearing, charming, and really entertaining.  Only pulling in $19 million on 3600 screens, the film didn’t do gangbusters, particularly for a PG feature about Snow White, but it should do well during weekly matinees and with families - especially as more and more elementary and middle school students head off to Spring Break.

Rounding out the top five is the funniest film of the year so far, 21 JUMP STREET, and THE LORAX, making $8 and $2 million respectively.  JOHN CARTER continues to sink at the box office, dropping off another 60%, bringing its cumulative total to $66 million  - a  far cry from its  $250 million budget.  Disney may be feeling the effects on this one.  Frankly it’s a sad story as a piece of sci-fi like this should really do well, at least in the eyes of a sci-fi hound like me.  That said, the film is mediocre at best so it’s not all that shocking.

Overall, this week was top-heavy.  With a large drop-off in gross from those films in the  fourth and fifth positions,  it’s interesting to see the hordes of people slowly starting to flock to singular films, particularly as the summer movie season moves forward.

TITANIC 3D hits this week, so expect a lot of sinking ship puns when we get back to you next Monday with our Box Office Wrap-Up.

Now, go see something good.

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The Hunger Games LGF




Wrath of the Titans WB




Mirror Mirror Rela.




21 Jump Street Sony




Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Uni.




John Carter BV




Salmon Fishing in the Yemen CBS




Act of Valor Rela.




A Thousand Words P/DW




Journey 2: The Mysterious Island WB


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