Check out the awesome Joss Whedon “AMA” from Reddit

Joss Whedon is basically a geek god. Seriously.

The news that he might be directing THE AVENGERS came out on April Fools Day, which everyone thought was too good to be true, and it had to be a joke. Not to mention his droves of fans and their undying loyalty to his work on the small screen with Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

He doesn't take this title lightly, and likes to show us he cares. Which is partially why he did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Reddit, where fans could submit their questions and he would respond. There are some interesting tidbits from the session below!

Much of the session consists of people talking about how much they love each of his shows, and he gives some pretty good insight as to his feelings about how things have turned out. For example, when asked about  what the sixth season of Angel would have been like, he responded that it would have "kicked all manner of ass."

What most excites me about this, is some details he had about Dr. Horrible 2. It is currently in the early writing stage, but he guarantees that we "can expect the death of someone you love." He also responds that Penny, the love interest from the original will return, but not in the way we originally knew her.  In his words "Penny will be... um... I don't want to say 'decomposing.'"

There are many other great answers, which you can check out at Reddit.

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