Comic-Con 2011: TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN Press Conference with Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Julia Jones, and Boo Boo Stewart

Kristal Bailey

by: Kristal Bailey
July 21st, 2011

Good morning, Comic-Con! The first stop of this non-stop, one-woman show is the TWILIGHT Press Conference with Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Ashley Greene (Alice), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Julia Jones (Lea Clearwater), and Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater).

Early this morning, the cast stopped by the front of the Hall H line, where fans have been lined up since as early as Monday. Those hardcore fans certainly had a nice surprise this morning. Check out the full press conference after the break.

Have you been to Comic-Con before?
ER: I came a couple years ago, but I've never really done it for real though. This felt more real because of our stop at the Twilight line this morning.
AG: This is definitely starting it off a lot more fun! Last time there was no interaction with fans.
NR: I've been here before, but I am just so amused and entertained by the fans on the street in costumes.
JJ: This is my first Comic Con ever. While it's just started, I have a general sense that we're in for a lot. Yesterday, walking around and saw people dressed as all kinds of things like "fruit ninjas" so I'm excited to be here.
BBS: I was here last year as a fan, but this is my first year on the other side in a panel.

What's it like to get the call that you've been cast in a Twilight film?
AG: I was extremely excited since it was one of the first things I'd done [as an actor]. I read the books and was a fan before I got.
ER: I hadn't read the books so I didn't know the scope of what I was getting in to. But just the idea of being in a series and playing a character for a long period of time was exciting.
NR: None of us really knew what we were getting in to at first, the excitement has definitely grown as the films progressed and we saw the fan reaction.
JJ: Those cast in the first movie had a completely reaction to those of us who were cast later. I personally had this overwhelming sense that everything was gonna change over night but I had no idea how exactly.
BBS: I didn't think I was going to get cast because it had been a month since my audition and I hadn't heard back yet. But once I got the call, it was very exciting.

What were your feelings on the last day on the set shooting?
ER: It was such a complicated experience because we all had different wrap days. I, Ashley, Kellan, and a few others had this weird, surreal experience of being left over in Canada because everyone else was gone. We had to finish all these stunts and it was really fun. Peter and I had a little dinner together...It was one of those things where you can't really capture it. We were just sort of in shock, but happy to be going home. I knew we were going to be promoting for a few more years so it's not really over.

Do you know of any plans for a spin-off or sequels?
AG: The fans are passionate so there's definitely an opportunity for it, but as far as they all know Stephanie has moved on to other characters.

Was there a difference on working on scenes for Part 1 or Part 2 since it was all shot together?
AG: We had to pay close attention because there were two films and different timelines. It got a little tricky, but there was no difference really.
ER: I knew what film we were shooting based of my shoes. It was like "which uncomfortable shoes am I wearing today?"

Nikki: How much is Rosalina's relationship with Bella going to change in this movie?
She finds a way to work through her anger because she wants to be a mom and will do anything to gain that role through Bella's child. They had a moment in ECLIPSE, so the transition was pretty smooth.

Ashley: Will you miss Alice?
Alice kind of lives on forever through these films. It will always have a certain piece of my heart because I've grown up in this character.

What's been your favorite line?
Nikki: "I was a bit theatrical back then." I didn't realize that was a funny line until I said it and everyone laughed. Then the tone just really clicked.
AG: I don't know, I feel like I said "it's time" a lot.

Were you a fan of these types of films before? Would you have ended up in this genre work down the road?
Elisabeth and Ashley have always been fans of vampires, so they probably would have ended up here eventually.
NR: Nope, not a fan. I just never really thought much about them either way.
JJ: Hadn't really thought about it much. I was nerdy in a totally different way. I just wasn't down with pop culture and that sort of thing, but I've appreciated learning about it.
BBS: I love fantasy, so I probably would have gotten in to the action.

The Wedding scene: what was it like on set that day of filming?
AG: WE do have the most fun whenever we're all together, like in the baseball scene from the first film.
ER: It was beautiful! It really looks like a dream wedding. I want to tell you how amazing it was, but I can't.

If you could walk around the exhibit hall anonymously, what would you check out and would you dress up?
AG: Maybe a cowboy? or a fruit ninja? Maybe an angry bird?
ER: Batman
NR: The Wonder Twins. I did this thing for college humor and that was a lot of fun. Dressing up for that really inspired me for Halloween.
BBS: Zombie, I'd wear stilts to be taller. I love Halloween and dressing up so I'd definitely dress as a zombie.

Is there anything that you guys have that level of dedication for that you'd camp out for 3 days?
BBS: LORD OF THE RINGS. I'd camp out to see that.
AG: No, but that's why I have such a large amount of respect for our fans because they have such passion for something that we've put our hearts and souls in to.
ER: White Stripes, but only if they were for sure coming to the tent. Our fans didn't know we were coming, so that passion is amazing.

There are a lot of new actors in the last films, were there any you were really pleased to work with?
ER: All the different sexy vampires are so much sexier and have better style than the Cullens. The Egyptianss, the nutty Romainian guys who are very S&M inspired...It was really fun
NR: Lee Pace
BBS: Maggie Grace, I thought it was so cool she worked with Liam Neeson in Taken.

Fan question from Twitter: did you take anything from set? Or if you didn't, what would you?
ER: I took some socks just because I needed a pair.
AG: American Apparal sweat pants.
NR: I feel so bad taking things, so I just don't. However, Kristen took shoes for me because I had said how much I liked them while filming.
JJ: I took a ton of makeup. I would have taken her cut off shorts, I just loved wearing those.
BBS: I took a lot of craft service in my stomach. I would have taken my shoes, they were so comfortable.

What's been your Weirdest, unexpected fan encounter?
JJ: I saw a women who had a nightgown on and had painted bruises and glued feathers on her. It took me a second, but then realized she was dressed as Bella "post-Brazil".
BBS: I was doing pics with fans and there was a lady around 40 who asked if I wanted to make out. I didn't know what to say, but eventually she just awkwardly walked away.
ER: My weirdest encounters are when older ladies talk about the young guy's bodies. Much older ladies would talk about Jacob's body when he was still really young.

Ashley: What led to the latest shorter crop wig?
That's what I always had in mind when reading, Bill & I had the same vision, we wanted to make it more modern. Every film they've been tweaking it and trying to get it right and I think in this one we finally did. We were worried all the wig changes would upset fans, but there hasn't been an outcry yet.

That's the end of the press conference. Stay tuned for more Comic-Con coverage right here!

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