Comic-Con 2011: TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN Press Conferences with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner, and Bill Condon

Kristal Bailey

by: Kristal Bailey
July 21st, 2011

More Comic-Con coverage coming at you! The stars of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson, as well as director Bill Condon took the stage to answer some press questions about the latest film.

They had a lot to say, covering everything from filming in Brazil to dealing with some very awkward moments. Check out what they had to say after the jump.

What was it like filming in Brazil? How does it feel to be loved all over the world?
BC: SM actually hadn’t been, but we searched out what she described.
KS: it was nice to shoot on the streets and see the people and see it within the context of this movie jarring in a great way.
RP: it’s nice, it’s different. It’s not “Love” necessarily. Shooting in Brazil you see every single country has a totally different reaction. In Brazil people would literally just come up and try to grab you, it’s not like in the states or in Canada where people discreetly snap pictures.
TL: I wasn’t there, but they came back and showed me a picture and I even thought it was me.
KS: He looked like an ECLIPSE poster. They had to move the camera at one point because he was in the shot.

Do you think there will be a spin-off or continuation in movies?
I think Robert just compared TWILIGHT to cereal boxes? SM says it’s the end of the Bella/Edward story, Bill suspects that she’ll want to revisit this world at some point because there are so many new characters in the last movie/book.

What was the most secretive scene that you filmed?
KS: The wedding was secret service style. The crew was completely inconvenienced, with no cell phones no email. But that dress couldn’t get on line! I had a Volturi cloak on because that was the only thing that we had to cover it.
TL: A lot of the movie is filmed inside, BD is very intimate and they did a really good job of allowing us to be creative and weren’t distracted.

Kristen: Breaking dawn was such an emotional journey for Bella, what was it like filming her journey and did it effect your personally?
I can’t draw a line between myself and the stuff that I do. With everything I do, it’s hard for me to take myself out of it. I’ve been building up to these moments for 4 years, I was 17 when I started this movie, and this movie is loaded with huge life moments that are rooted in reality that I can completely see myself in. Anyone that reads the book can, really. Shooting these scenes, I had to go about it naturally, I can’t let the book punch me in the face every morning. You have to let the moments happen. It’s very close to the book and very sincere, but we added some bits.
BC: There’s no bigger fan of Twilight than Kristen. She’s always there like “I know what it felt like when I did this for the first time” and she’s always pushing pushing pushing to get that moment.

Bill: There’s a film running through your work of people being oppressed. How does TWILIGHT fit in with your previous films?
I always look into characters who are outsiders who are yearning. Jacob is yearning, and they’re all trying to find the lives that they were meant to lead.

Do you have a favorite scene in the movie?
TL: I’ve always been to choose one for every single movie, but for this one I can’t because there’s so much going on with the characters dealing with their own things. Plus, Jacob changes so much from beginning to end that it’s hard for me to choose.
KS: There’s a scene with me and Charlie at the wedding, and one with Renee, that I love so much.
RP: For a fantasy series that’s aimed at young people, the bed scene was quite graphic and that was fun.

Do you ever wish this was a small indie film? How do you tune out the buzz and just do your work?
KS: If this was a small Sundance film, we wouldn’t be able to do the movie justice. It’s nice to be indulgent and shoot for 6 months with an A-list director. But overall there’s really no difference.

In the spirit of Comic Con, what are some nerdy things you guys have learned about each other?
RP: Kristen literally only watches the cooking channel, especially on set. Her only diva-ish behavior is to have the cooking channel on at all times in all rooms.
KS: Taylor can move his hips better than I could ever dream, literally it’s crazy. Robert responded with “that’s not nerdy, that’s awesome.”

Besides the wedding scene, what scene were you most nervous about shooting knowing you really have to pull this off?
TL: I was pretty nervous about imprinting. I was given an X on a wall and I had to walk in to the room on the verge of killing this baby and stop, twist, and imprint on it. I had some conversations with Bill and Stephanie Meyer about what imprinting might even look like.
RP: We’ve managed to keep me clothed for a lot of the series, despite how his body is described like every 3 pages in the book. But filming the swimming on the honeymoon…I wanted to do it in a t-shirt, or a onezie.

What was the most awkward scene you had to shoot? What will you miss most abot your character?
KS: I couldn’t pick up the kid sometimes. We have Mackenzie who’s an amazing kid, but the younger versions of her weren’t there every day so I just couldn’t really connect with them.
BC: There was one day where there was a kid who couldn’t really run where we wanted her too since she was so young, so Kristen carried her and she just peed in her arms.

A large component of the TWILIGHT fanbase is older, middle aged women, does that creep you out or have you learned to deal with?
RP: I’m not creeped out by it because I’m not creeped out by middle aged women. Different strokes for different folks. No complaints here.

And that wraps up the Twilight coverage. Upcoming Comic-Con coverage includes Robert Rodriquez, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK, and so much more.

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