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CONTEST: Burn After Reading DVD

Chase Whale

by: Chase Whale
December 15th, 2008

We have five copies of the Coen Bros' awesome film BURN AFTER READING. With this contest, we're going to mix things up and try something different. Instead of emailing us, we want you to leave a comment here, on the contest, telling us who your favorite character is and why. PLEASE DON'T GIVE AWAY ANY SPOILERS! We'll pick five of our favorite answers and post them this Saturday, December 20. BURN AFTER READING IS AVAILABLE ON DVD & BLU-RAY™ HI-DEF DECEMBER 21! Good luck!

Note:You MUST be registered on our site to leave a comment. Make sure to use your primary email address for registration because we will be notifying that address if you win. Thanks!

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  • Kacey3

    Having not seen the movie, I can’t be to specific, but he loves that we think its a Schwinn. That line cracks me up every time!

  • reactintact

    I’d have to go with Brad Pitt’s character, Chad.

    Why? Because Brad Pitt BARELY manages to pull off a 30-something in this movie.

  • NativeBelle

    My favorite character would have to be J.K Simons, the head CIA guy, he never fails to make me laugh. I love how nonchalant he was about everything. His character I would say basically word for word what the government is and how they care about some issues. I also like how in the movie they just make it so obvious how they are making fun of them and society. Anyways, that is my final answer.

  • sfmathews214

    John Malkovich, because his character in the movie is similar to his real life personna.

  • Cheribtx

    I would have to Brad Pitt. My favorite scene is when he is making demands and the man hits him in the face.

  • jjordanhw

    I have not seen this movie yet. But, if I have to choose a character it would be Brad Pitt’s. I love the idea of his as a 30yr old personal trainer. Also, the scene from the trailer when he is asking for the money from John Malkovich is great.

  • Brian234565

    I liked John Malkovich the best, because he was so funny!! His character was always so disgruntled and he was hilarious. The movie was great!

  • babietwinkle

    Holy crap this was good, one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time! It was a high impact movie in action and comedy, and kept me giggling or laughing out loud the whole way through.

    “Osbourne Cox: You’re a Mormon! Compared to you we all have a drinking problem!”

    Genius movie.

  • http://www.myspace.com/nakedpicsofme naked_republic

    George Clooney and his Sex apparatuses were pretty funny but I much rather enjoyed Francis McDormand’s disgustingly right on portrayal of the materialistic and narcissistic world we live in.

    Great satirical film with much to say about society and american culture

  • MarjorieTaylor

    Well, I haven’t seen the movie, which is why I REALLY NEED to win the DVD! Anything with Brad Pitt in it is a must see!

  • dickybilly

    The character I liked was Harry Pfarrer (George Clooney) who always carried around that wedge foam pillow to have sex with his woman friends. He was truly an enigma and a patsy.


    The John Malkovich charecter,(Osbourne Cox), is funny. So many things happened to him – funny scenes.

  • streniao

    Frances McDormond was so cool and calculated that so many things were more laugh-out-loud funnier when the scenes were played off her character.

  • madefresh

    Def. Chad Feldheimer for his use of ‘dickwad’, which is still one of my favorite curse words. Plus when I don’t know what something is I generally refer to it as ‘shit’ (a lot) too. And do I even have to mention the hair? Perfection, had me laughing the whole time.

  • debbi1

    I love the George Clooney character because he is just a big goof………and he is that way in real life too!

  • gilbert escamilla

    George Clooney I enjoy watching his movies because
    I feel he can really get into the character he
    is portraying.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/beautyfades11 radioprotector

    Brad Pitt, because it is a new role for him and he pulled it off extremely well. He is very versatile in most of roles, this was pretty extreme from his more serious roles.

  • mitchh5120

    My favorite character was Clooney’s beard. i never thought i would see a clooney beard that topped his “syriana” beard, but this one was awesome. His beard in “the perfect storm” was pretty sweet too, however it loses points because of being out bearded by walhberg. I wish he would bring back the mullet from the “Roseanne” days, as a complement to a awesome beard. You know who also had an awesome beard? Brad Pitt in “legends of the fall”. Although, that was a blonde beard, and well lets face it, that’s pretty gay. Now, Malkovich’s beard in “Rounders” was flippin sweet. However, he did have that awful russian accent that was pretty distracting. You know what would have been sweet? If all three of them had a awesome beard off in this movie. now that i think about it, i challenge all gordon and the whale bloggers to a beard contest. On your marks, GET SET, GGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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