Could Daniel Craig play Steve McQueen?

AICN is reporting that Michael Cerenzie, producer of BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD and Christine Peters have the rights to a biography of Steve McQueen, and are close to locking down a director.  Sometimes news of a biopic is frightening, for fear that whoever is selected to play this already revered person might not look enough, or act enough like the original, but this time, we may have a winner.  The very first person who popped into my head to play the iconic McQueen was Daniel Craig, and apparently I'm not alone.  Back in 2007, Barbara McQueen (Steve's widow) said Craig would be HER first choice as well.  While she and I definitely agreed on that point, we can't really agree on her second choice, Colin Farrell.  What do you think?  Could Craig pull it off, or is there someone even more fitting?

Source: AICN, Cinematical

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