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DVD: 8/10

Last year, WORLD’S GREATEST DAD premiered at Sundance and has since been touring the festival circuit and turning heads. The very, very dark comedy stars Robin Williams as Lance Clayton, an unsuccessful father who has big dreams of becoming an established writer. His son – who’s experimenting in the arts of masturbation – hates him and his young flirtatious girlfriend doesn’t take him seriously. It’s not easy being dad. WGD was written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, the pleasantly awkward man who starred in the POLICE ACADEMY films, and then went on to write and direct SHAKES THE CLOWN and SLEEPING DOGS LIE. If you’ve seen either of these films, then you know Bobcat’s stories have a very mind-fucked sense of direction. There should be no shock to the climax in WORLD’S GREATEST DAD.

Today WGD was released on DVD and Blu-ray and instead of contributing to the death-of-the-DVD (it’s coming), WGD came with a nice handful of special features. Heads up, there are many spoilers after the jump!

You should never buy a DVD without commentary, and Bobcat holds nothing back for WGD's - this man is insane and I love it. In the introduction, he discusses recording the commentary on pain pills because he just got out of the hospital two days prior. Bobcat's very funny, very intelligent, and very, very dirty.

Deleted Scenes:
This DVD comes with five deleted scenes. The most notable – and the one that should have made it in the theatrical cut – is titled “Only a Dream.” It opens with Lance (Robin Williams) waking up from a nap and hearing someone grinding in his son’s room. At this point, his son has already passed on. When he walks in, Kyle (Daryl Sabara) is watching a video on the computer of Lance and girlfriend having sex (doggy style, you pervert), and the girl’s complaining that he’s not choking her right. So, in the video, Kyle takes over Lance's role to show dad "what a real man" would do. This scene would only work in a Goldthwait film. Trust me.

Outtakes are always the funnest thing to watch, especially from a film that’s so serious. Here we have four outtakes and the best one goes to “The Limo Driver,” which involved Bobcat’s only scene in the film. He, of course, fucks up his one line on the first take.

Behind the Scenes: WWBCD?:
This behind-the-scenes look was shot and edited by Bobcat’s daughter, Tasha Goldthwait. She interviews the cast and crew about what it was like working with one another, and what they think the film’s initial message is about. After many “masturbation,” “cocks,” and “anal” answers, we finally get an honest one from Bobcat: “It’s important to take care of yourself, and not let people walk all over you.” Bobcat also tells us whose idea it was for Robin’s nude scene at the end of the film.

HDNet: A Look at World’s Greatest Dad:
“This is a comedy aimed at an adult audience… if you really kick ass on Guitar Hero, don’t go to this movie.”
-Writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait

That quote pretty much sums up this second WGD featurette. Bobcat again talks about Robin Williams’ nude scene (selling point of the movie?), and also the first time he met Williams, why he cast Daryl Sabara as the lead extremely perverted son (spoiler: he verbally taught Bobcat how to use poop and sex together), and why he’ll never be in POLICE ACADEMY 8, even though IMDb (”those pricks!”) has him slated for the film.

Our last special feature is the music video for The Deadly Syndrome’s “I Hope I Become A Ghost,” which is used during a montage in the film.

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