Fiona Dourif and Josh Close will star in Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER

Fiona Dourif and Josh Close will star in THE MASTER

Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER follows Philip Seymour Hoffman as the founder of a new religion that greatly mirrors Scientology; Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix are also set star. Even though filming has already begun, the film has added two more actors to its already impressive lineup.

Variety reports that Fiona Dourif and Josh Close will star in the film. Dourif’s role isn’t known at the moment, but Close will portray one of Hoffman’s top disciples. Close starred with Selma Blair in THE REPLICAS, a film he also produced and wrote. Dourif starred in the Sundance player LETTERS FROM THE BIG MAN and will have a recurring part on HBO’s True Blood.

THE MASTER is a project that’s definitely worth looking forward to, even more so now with the addition of Close and Dourif to the cast.

How do you feel about Close and Dourif hopping on board for THE MASTER?

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