Giveaway: Dream up something good to win passes to @GandtheW’s advance screening of INCEPTION!

James Wallace

by: James Wallace
June 18th, 2010

This contest is now over.  The winners are being looked over and awarded now!

All right, Gordon and the Whalers…this is the opportunity of the summer I know many of you have been waiting for. We have teamed up with Warner Bros. to give you (+ 1 guest) the chance to win passes to our advance screening of Christopher Nolan’s new film, INCEPTION, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But, if you want to go, you’ll have to use your head and dream up something creative!

Tell us this…if you could break into any famous person’s head (alive or dead) and steal their dreams, who would it be and why? It can be an actor, filmmaker, musician, athlete, literary figure, or an historical figure…anyone you choose. Just use your imagination! Leave your answer in the comments below (must have a valid email address). After that, it’s simple. The most innovative and creative answers will be awarded passes to our screening on Monday, July 12 at 7:30 PM. Winners will be notified no later than Friday, July 9.

INCEPTION opens wide July 16, 2010 in both theaters and IMAX. Visit the film’s official site HERE. See the official synopsis and trailer after the break!

Official Synopsis:

Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in an original sci-fi actioner that travels around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb’s rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible—inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming. This summer, your mind is the scene of the crime.

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  • Joshua St. John

    I would definately want to get inside Megan Fox's head to figure out why she's dating someone 12 years older than she is, why she's been engaged to him more than once over the course of 4 years, and why she has not actually gotten married to him? riddle me this?

  • Dj Simon

    I'd choose Timothy Leary or Hunter S Thompson because it would be cool to be absolutely bat shit crazy, see the world from that point of view but with no long term commitment.

  • Chase Whale

    *We* are the music makers… and *we* are the dreamers of dreams.

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  • Allen_faris2000

    Either Johnny Depp or Stanley Kubrick. The creative choices they've made in their careers often times defy logic and rationale, and anyone (Kubrick) who decides to interject their remake of a french drama about a married couple with the Illuminati?….yeah I gotta see what was going on in his head.

  • Deb Plant

    I think I would pick Johnny Depp. He has always had such a strange range of imaginative characters that he has played with mental and physical dexterity. Each character, no matter how wild or wierd is Believable when he acts. I know Tim Burton controls alot of Johnnys work and words. but Johnny Depp has to have an incredible imagination to see into the mind of his character, each and every one of them from his earliest work until the present day. He must dream in techo-color. I would love to see into his dreams and watch him sleep..*winkwink* ([email protected])

  • Brandon

    There are so many people I could choose I just went with Zack Snyder. He just seems like the kind of dude who has dreams about having a dick made of three machine guns, and I am willing to bet he dreams about fight scenes using every death metal video from the last ten years. Also his imagination is so great, i mean the dude dreamed up a hunchback who looks like he's got Rosie O'Donnell on his back. That's some freaking awesome dreaming right there my friends.

  • http://DallasMovieScreenings reesas

    Who's to say my dreams aren't anymore bizarre than someone famous? But your contest requires famous, so in the mood of the moment, I would pick Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí back in 1929 when they were making An Andalusian Dog. Buñuel had a dream of the moon slicing the moon in half like a razor slicing through an eye. Of course in the 6 min experimental film they actually do slice an eye which was really a dead calf's eye, but it still freaked me out when I first saw this in the late 60's. To roam around these artists dreamscapes would be surreal and enlightening.

  • Kathryn_matheny

    i would like to break into james camerons mind to delve into all that imagination he has. I would like to know how he comes up with technlogy he creates to make the movies he wants to make. i would like to know his filmmaking process from start to finish, the initial idea to final print. I would like to really know where he came up with the idea for pandora in avatar and what inspired it but what or who kept inspiring him. i would also like to get into his mind when he came up with the idea for titanic but the idea to create the cameras he took when diving to titanic. James Cameron is very creative and i am to but of course not as creative but if i could go into his mind i sure could get tips.

    - kathryn matheny
    [email protected]

  • Griftexas

    I would have to check out Einstein's dreams to see how he could come up with ideas that were beyond imagination.

  • Elawbert

    Ellis Bert:
    For one, my 83rd birthday is July 11. I would break into the mind of H.G. Wells to discover how and why he dreamt up War of the Worlds and those monstrous creatures operating those space ships and devastating weapons. Why did he think that the world would be near destruction in his epic The Shape of Things to Come and that evolution could be reversed as in The Island of Dr. Moreau? H.G. Wells set the stage for the future of science fiction moreso than any other writer, excepting his contemporary Jules Verne. [email protected]

  • TXdeeg

    Mine would have to be Leonardo DaVinci. You know that only a fraction of his dreams made it to paper. Imagine all the dreams to explore!

  • Chase Whale

    I'm sure you have some lucid and insane dreams, but the reason behind this contest is to focus on the plot of INCEPTION, which shows our characters stealing ideas from other people's dreams.

    So to make this fun, we chose famous icons.

    Make sense now?

  • Tage

    Well for me I would have to say Robin Williams. I have never understood how he got as crazy as he did and so I can only imagine the dreams he has. But mostly I would like to know WHY he NEVER turns OFF. He is always on and I wonder in his dream time is he a totally down and depressed guy or is he haveing dreams of new people to become.

  • cooper

    I would have to say OBAMA so I could see what the hell he is thinking, what he fears, what he realy knows and does NOT want to know. How cool would it be to see faces and replay events of things he was told in private. I mean lets face it Area 51 would be cool to know about or the Oil Spill. I bet he dreams about that nightmare nightly. I realy dont care what the thinks I just want to know WHAT HE KNOWS…lol.

  • Wculp

    Mine would be Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs.

    In RD, Mr. Blonde is one of the six strangers (Michael Madsen) that is working on this robbery. I want to get inside his dreams because I think it would be really interesting to see what a guy who shot random civilians would dream of. He is a sick person. I mean, when he was torturing Marvin Nash the cop, he was dancing to “Stuck in the middle of you” Sure, it's dark of me, but who would not want to look into the dreams of a murderer? Are they good ones, like they relive their moment, or bad ones filled with regret. I think anybody would want to be in the mind of someone like him. You would want to see their dreams. Right? Mr. Blonde is no different.

    And honestly, why do you think they named him Mr. Blonde? Maybe it's the saying that “blondes have more fun”.

  • david

    Alexander the Great.
    i would love to be in dreams. i would like to see what he dreamed of at the time he was taking over the world. HE must of had hundreds of ideas of how he would attack the next country what weapons he would use and just full of plans on warfare. OR did he dream of what his kingdom would be like when he is done takeing over all the known land (in his time). All of this at around the age of 20.

  • Chase G

    I would like to steal the dreams of Kim Jong-Il.

    Why you may be asking yourself? Let's think about it, shall we? This is a man who put in his official state biography, that he has transcended the use of urination and defecation. Not only that, he has claimed to shot a -38 on an 18 hole golf course in his first attempt, as well as a perfect game of bowling on his first try. The man is certifiably insane. I would wager that his dreams are like the scene from Being John Malkovich where everyone has his face. Very few Americans will ever get to experience the secrets of North Korea, or what goes on in the head of Dear Leader, Sunshine of the 21st century. (He does call himself this.)

  • Michelle Gamradt

    I would choose Don 'Dick Whitman' Draper. He projects such a mysterious and strong front, while on the inside he struggles with his past, his temptations and his family. You can never tell what he is thinking or his next move, whether in business or his personal conquests. What makes him tick? How does he come up with advertising brilliance? How does he stand behind each and every decision he makes without question?

    Even though Don is not a real person, his character is so complex in that we see his life on the show but we still have not seen his whole heart. This guarded persona is what peaked my curiosity to learn his dreams, aspirations and to learn what drives his actions.

  • Diego Ace08

    My person would just have to be Adolf Hitler.

    I've always wanted to get inside the mind of a evil, crazy murderer and see what makes them do what they do. Also I would want to the the failed artist attempts he made and what was going on through his mind as he was creating his artwork. Maybe if people has been nicer about his art he wouldn't have flipped out..just saying. Also what he was thinking when he met his end at the hands of the inglorious Basterds…oh wait, that was just a movie? Not historical fact? Aww mannn =[

  • Jonathan51790

    I would steal Jesus' dreams so I can trip balls just like he did.

  • Tongj

    I would enter the dreams of the man himself, Christopher Nolan. Just look at his movies, all critically acclaimed hits with artistic originality. Who else can direct a movie told in reverse with the finesse and sophistication that Christopher Nolan does, or a low budget black and white indie film that's so appealing with complex characters and story line. Who else can help transform a teenage-heartthrob into a psychopathic killer clown from the pages of classic Batman stories? Last but not least, who can come up with the revolutionary idea of Inception. What's the most resilient parasite? An idea from the mind of Christopher Nolan.

  • Ladyvivien

    If I could break into any famous person’s head it would be George Soros' head and steal his dreams because I then might be able to save our country from his plan to destroy America and the American dream.

  • Brooke

    Steven Seagal. Not for any specific idea, but for the challenge of it. I want to see just how difficult it is to steal an idea out of his head. I mean, the guy's a martial artist, right? Imagine facing a whole city full of them….

  • Movieman1005

    I would probably go into a comedian's mind, like Will Ferrell. I will face it, I'm not good at coming up with good jokes and funny things. I believe I can act out funny things well, but I have to face it: I suck at creating comically funny things.

  • Maude

    I would say Heath Ledger, because I think he is one of the greatest actors of this or any generation, choosing not just the popcorn movie roles, but the roles that would challenge him as an actor and also challenge the audience. Brokeback Mountain was incredible, so subtle and moving, and never got the reaction or recognition that it should have. And what can I say about The Dark Knight that has not already been said, except that it changed my whole perspective on movies, and made me recognize all the people involved as some of the greatest actors/director ever. To be in his mind would be like working out an intricate jigsaw puzzle, and as extremely interesting.

  • Peteagassi

    I would break into Lady Gaga's head to explore her dreams. One simple reason: to find out where her outfit designs come from. I would jump into he head and steal all the designs for her future outfits. In the real world, I would put the designs to use, creating one of the most outrageous and unique clothing companies the world has ever seen. I would call it: LADY LALA. I would bring the fashion world to its knees.

  • Shnapper Extractor

    In the dream hunt for the most lucrative idea, I would jump into Nicolas Cage's head. Deep within Nick Cage's subconscious lies the cure for male pattern baldness. Through the 80s and 90s, we've seen the man go virtually bald – but now… now, in the year 2010, he has hair. He even has the audacity to grow it out (Bangcock Dangerous). And even though it might look like a horse hair wig, I assure you, it's real. Once I steal his super secret follicle rejuvenation blue print, the world will be mine! I WILL HAVE MONEY! I WILL HAVE POWER! I WILL HAVE HAIR!

  • Coasterick

    Walt Disney; Epcot was originally envisioned as a “prototype community” with people living, working, and playing under a temperature-controlled enclosed environment. Pretty amazing idea. What could I possibly do with it??? Dunno, but I'd love to try!

  • srikanth gona

    It would be A.R. Rahman.
    His ideas are amazing…………..his tracks(songs) are really good and they come out with creative thoughts.
    To create the “Slumdog Millionaire,” Rahman used a rich palette of logic plug-ins on the live instruments and software instrument tracks, including classic Logic plug-ins like the Autofilter, Overdrive etc……………….

  • MissMovieFan

    For me its a tie… First I'd break into the head of Stephen King to delve into what lurks behind his dark and twisted brilliance. Next I'd jump into the mind of creative and quirky Tim Burton. I would love to see what goes on in that head of his while he's sleeping. Then I'd use both experiences to create the most visually mind blowing suspensefully horrific film of all time.

  • Rithvik

    If I could I would like to manage what Dom Cobb sets out to do in the movie – ‘Inception’.I will plant a dream in Hitler’s mind that will result in an idyllic,utopian world which hasn’t suffered from the cataclysmic consequences of mindless war.

  • villedeville

    Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, when they were young. Did they ever dream that they will ultimately commit the most heinous crimes against humanity? There is one big problem, though. According to some psychologists psychotic people never dream.

  • Wolfwhc

    I would say matthew mcconaughey, I just want to know exactly what goes through his mind

  • graygrrrl

    I would break into Dorothy Parker's head, find where she keeps her sharp come backs, and steal them. Then, I'd pop into Jean-Luc Godard's dreams because you know he's hiding something in there. With that knowledge I would be able to make the funniest, most realistic, depressing, romantic, horrific movie ever made- just like life

  • Nadie

    This is difficult. I don’t think I’d be able to escape David Lynch, and I would never want to leave Neil Gaiman. So I’m going with Harold Ramis. That man is easily responsible for 3/4 of the cumulative laughter throughout my life. Just imagine the unbridled hilarity knocking around in there. Maybe I’d also be able to retrieve some juicy tidbits on Murray, Aykroyd, Guest, Belushi or Chase. Writer/Director/Actor/Producer: That man does it all.

  • Rachelle

    I can't decide (hey, I'm a woman lol). I would love to see what Jon Favreau dreams about. I can only imagine how creative and funny they might be. Or maybe they are dark…

    The other is is Gary Oldman or Sam Rockwell. They have played some really dark characters and I'd love to see what they dream about.

  • Carol Rains

    I would like to get in the head of Diana Ross. She is a remarkable entertainer and woman. I would like to know what her dreams and asperations were when she was young and the steps she took to make it happen. I would love to take her dreams and be her for a day.

  • Symetrisg

    Dreams are just the begining

  • Chloe Lanier

    Martin Scorsese hands down. The man is a living legend. The man created the art of film making in my opinion. He knows everything about every type of genre, and can re-invent what people once understand about said drama within a heartbeat. No other human being in my opinion could’ve successfully re-done The Departed and made it not only incredibly successful, but also have garnered him his first and long overdue Oscar. I am convinced that Scorsese dreams only consist of film sequences. I can see him planning out what scene he will shoot the next day. His background knowledge of film and the films he makes defiantly translate on screen. I want to know weather or not his genius is alive while he is asleep, or if it just turns on the next day when he goes to work on his next masterpiece.

  • William Evans

    I would get into the head of Albert Einstein. I would want to understand some of the scientific principles that he understood! I also would want to try to understand if he knew what he was helping to create when he helped build the atomic bomb. I know he was a brilliant man and I just want to try to get a small sliver of the intelligence that he held!!

  • Ben Glasthal

    I'd break into George A. Romero. While his most recent movies haven't been as stellar the man was able to single handedly create the most popular monster in history (zombies) and then use them for a socio-political commentary on a level above many of the general movie goers who just like zombies, but still be relatable. Not to mention Movie Maker Magazine had a quote from him on a tip for movie making that read:
    “Don’t point a camera at an angry monkey or a smiling Amish man. Both will bite you…or someone on your crew. Who needs the headache?”
    And while I have no idea how he came to that knowledge it amazes me. He's a brilliant creative mind, and I'm sure he has many more great idea to contribute as without him we wouldn't have greatness from Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland to 28 Days Later. Not to mention, getting into his head may be my only chance at a true zombie apocalypse and I'd be remiss if I wouldn't take that chance.

  • Wasey Herbort

    I would break into the head of Dr. Emmit Brown from Back to the Future and figure out how to travel through time. “Roads? Where we're going, we don't NEED roads!”

  • Dicky Billy

    It would be Abraham Lincoln. Wanting to heal a divided nation and preserve equality for all but cut down before he could accomplish his dreams I want to know what tactics he would have used to achieve his strategic goals.

  • TPoly

    It would have to be someone like M.Jaggar, A.Jolie, or Madonna. Basically someone who has had plenty of uninhibited sex. What's left to dream about when your fantasies are reality? That's when the real thinking begins…

  • Izagold

    I will be glad to know the dreams of Wolfgang Amadeous Mozart. He did not have a long life, but he left the most beatiful music to the next generations. Maybe such knowledge can help me to be more creative.

  • Ljmartinez76

    I would steal the ideas of Nikoa Tesla, the father of all things electric.
    Leo martinez

  • Dicky Billy

    It would be Abraham Lincoln. Wanting to heal a divided nation and preserve equality for all but cut down before he could accomplish his dreams I want to know what tactics he would have used to achieve his strategic goals.

  • TPoly

    It would have to be someone like M.Jaggar, A.Jolie, or Madonna. Basically someone who has had plenty of uninhibited sex. What's left to dream about when your fantasies are reality? That's when the real thinking begins…

  • Izagold

    I will be glad to know the dreams of Wolfgang Amadeous Mozart. He did not have a long life, but he left the most beatiful music to the next generations. Maybe such knowledge can help me to be more creative.

  • Ljmartinez76

    I would steal the ideas of Nikoa Tesla, the father of all things electric.
    Leo martinez

  • Kyle Klezmer

    I would steal the dreams of David Lynch. Seeing as how he uses dreamlike imagery within his work and nobody really understands his films, i would love to see what he actually dreams of.

  • 10Krunnermom

    Well….I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother growing up. She is now 83 years old in a Nursing Home, bedridden on Hospice care, has a feeding tube, is not able to move any of her body parts except her hear slightly due to contractures, and has slowly stopped speaking. I would love to get inside her thoughts of her day to day happenings and have a conversation to find out if she understands and forgives my mom and I for having to put her there. We visit often, but all she does is stares now, and sleeps most of the time. I can see in her eyes sometimes she has a glimmer in her otherwise empty eyes…..

  • Selia Marquez

    I would have liked to have gotten into Micahel Jackson'e head he was socreative and a Great performer. There has not been anyone like him. I think he was mis understood while he was with us.

  • Austin Higgins

    If I could steal the dreams of any famous person it would be George Lucas. The man is a living legend. You don't even need to be a fan of the Star Wars franchise to respect the sheer creativity put into the saga. I would want to know exactly what went through his mind when he first envisioned the epic. Undoubtedly one of the greatest stories ever told came from the mind of one man.

  • RosemaryLaQuey

    I would want to get into Angelina Jolie's head to find out why she can't be happy with Brad Pitt and all of those children. Isn't this what she wanted? [email protected]

  • Jonathan Levey

    I would steal the dreams of Stephen Hawking. I am convinced that man has been to the future and back, a modern day Jules Verne. He is like Marty McFly but instead of a Delorean he has a wheel chair that warps the fabric of space and time. Not only will his dreams reveal the future but give me the blueprints to create my own super motorized wheel chair time machine. With this knowledge I will be able to embark on my own journey through the circuits of time.

  • David Fine

    i would break into the head of Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of many nintendo franchises including mario, zelda, and star fox) and play the most amazing video game that has ever existed. full of darker material that has been thought of but never dared to be put in nintendo's games.

  • Akv1984

    I would steal the dreams of Christopher Nolan. This man is a genius and his films are amazing! With a mind like that, his dreams should be just as interesting as his films.

  • Mosh Rahman

    I would definitely pick James Cameron's dreams to steal because of his incredible vivid imagination which led to the visual masterpiece that is “Avatar”. I mean the entire setting of the movie is based on how James Cameron visualized an incredible alien war like never seen before. And besides the fact that it took 12 years for the entire movie to be developed from scratch, its now the highest grossing film of all time. So I would say Cameron's mind is a very good one to be inside of. And he also directed Titanic, Aliens, and Terminator. All of which are amazing and proved to pave the way for movie making today. James Cameron, thank you.

  • ariel

    I would break into the head and steal the dreams of Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh. Have you ever seen that show!? It's a total different world. I think the dreams of one of it's creators would be a crazy adventure. For some reason I imagine it would be like being stuck in a Dali film but more childish. Plus everything Noel does [comedy, dresses,paints] is totally bizarre and unique, it would be awesome to peak inside his head for a bit

  • elizabeth

    Would love to know what Tim Burton dreams. That has to be some crazy stuff…

  • Carol

    I would break into Bob Fosse's head…His dance choreography is amazing the drive and love of dance he has is unparallelled to anyone I have ever seen.

  • Jonathan

    I would break into Tom Cruise's dreams so that I could heighten his fears of aliens and anti-depressants even more so. I would appear in his dreams as a giant, sad alien who just can't overcome depression with the brain cleansing machine and L. Ron Hubbard's book. So I, the alien, start taking way too many anti-depressants, which cause me to get even crazier than Brooke Shields. Then I turn into a giant Prozac pill and chase him around trying to de-cleanse his brain. He'd wake up more scared, more crazy and more entertaining then ever. Then he'd swallow the key to Katie's dungeon cell, meet up with John Travolta, Will Smith, and L. Ron himself, and they would together jump on Oprah's couch like it had never been jumped on before. And that, viewers, is Oprah's final show. Damn that's good TV!!

  • Sami Islam

    I would break into the mind of Lebron James so can I convince him to come to Dallas to play for the Mavericks :)

    [email protected]

  • misspiggy

    I'd be curious to know if Warren Buffett or Bill Gates had any mind boggling dreams that helped them create their companies. Paul McCartney supposedly came up with the song “Yesterday” from a dream that he had had one night.

  • Tabitha

    That's easy. I would break into Edgar Allen Poe's dreams. Not only would they be filled with beautifully gothic, tragic, and frightening nightmare worlds, but they'd be full of his unique poetry, unedited. His dreams would probably be traumatic to witness, but I like a little gore. :)

  • Joseph Gold

    I would break into John F Kennedy's head and steal his dreams about Marilyn Monroe. Priceless!

  • DV

    I would want to break into the mind of John Lennon the man was a great artist and activist he made a great influence in many peoples lives. I would want to know if his dreams inspired his songs , what he dreamed for his future . Also his thoughts on why the beatles really broke up and what he really saw in Yoko Ono.I really would want to know what his last thoughts were before his unfortunate tragic death.

  • Rose Goellner

    I would love to get into the mind of the person who will invent the next big item,like the person who invented the paper clip.That way i”ll have it make and not have the money problems i 'm having.
    [email protected]

  • Classynfun

    I would have loved to go into Marilyn Monroe's head and steal her dreams. With the life she lead, I would love to finally have answers to all those secrets…

  • Bob2

    dreaming of 2 tickets to this screening……………….. and some popcorn!

  • Raye

    If I could break into any person's head it would be Tom Hardy. I know he stars in Inception with Leonardo and he is by far one of the best british actors ever. Has ANYONE seen Bronson??? This man is brilliant and I would love to know how he channels his characters… All minds are beautiful just wouldnt mind tapping into his for a while.
    [email protected]

  • Ramiro Lopez

    If i could break into any person's mind it would have to be Leonardo DiCaprio…I want to know how he comes to the conclusion to pick these extremely AWESOME movies that keep getting better and better…and also i want to know what kind of pickup lines does he use to get hot super models !!!

  • Jazzbuddyk

    If i could break into any person's heard it would be Daniel Radcliffe. I know this actor is a atheist. I'll show him fire hell, a nightmare. He will not be able to wake up until he worship eveyday. this dreams will terrify him all night.In the end, he will not be a atheist.
    my e-mail [email protected] [email protected]

  • Susan

    What an interesting question!!!! If I could steal someone's dreams, I think it would be Albert Einsteins – ya that would be a good one. Would I then dream about the principle of relativity, or mathmatical theorys, quantum physics, or winning a Nobel Prize, oh wait, he really did that!!!! Would 'I” then become the Father of Modern Physics, would my name become associated with the word “genius”. Or did Einstien really in his dreams, dream of falling or being naked in a crowded room, like the rest of us. Maybe he dreamed about having long, flowing hair, ……..
    [email protected]

  • Chris Jackson

    I would break into Doc Brown's head to steal his designs for a flux capacitor because the movies didn't really explain how to make one…

  • Kween72

    if i could steal someone's dreams, it would be a great pleasure to steal the dreams of the cheif of the Mayan Indians. oh my goodness, i would love to steal the dreams of any leader of the Mayan Indians. just think about it, the Mayan Indians were PRICELESS. i wish upon a star for those dreams. peace

  • Mikemartinez08

    if i were to steal someones dreams it would be johnny depps, i would love to see what he dreams of so that i would maybe understand how he can do so many different roles in films. most of his roles stray from the norm. i wonder if his dreams are more imaginative than others.
    [email protected]

  • Dfine238

    So you want to nearly physically force him, not to believe, but to pray. Yup, that totally sounds like christianity. Though you might be better helped by violent threats and torture… You know like the good ole days.

  • nehanesh

    If I had the opportunity to steal dreams of just one person, I would choose Thomas Jefferson. He was an incredible visionary as an inventor and founding father of this country. How did he envision the future? What entrapments and contraptions might he have had in his mind that I could capture and work with others to create to improve our world and lives today?

  • Cameraguy7511

    If I could break into anyone's head, it'd have to be John Malkovich, because I've always wanted to know what it'd be like to be John Malkovich! Oh, wait…

  • Cameraguy7511

    …and best of all, you wouldn't even need these passes!

  • Cameraguy7511

    I'm assuming his best pickup line is probably, “Hey, I'm Leonardo DiCaprio…”

  • Christian

    If I could break into someone's dreams, I would choose Tim Burton's mind. It might turn out to be a nightmare, but it would be worth the risk to see what's going on in there.

  • coffee

    I would break into Michael Jackson's head, just because he was such a great artist

  • mac

    Johnny Truant from Danielewski's House of Leaves. I'd like to catch a glimpse of one of his nightmares and see what haunts him. It would probably be a terrible experience, but it would also be very interesting to be able to really understand what drives him.

  • Alan

    I'd break into the brain of Hitler. I could make fortunes parceling out books about his psyche and evaluating all of his decisions on a detailed level. I might go crazy in the process but I think it'd be well worth it. Then I'd see what his reaction would be to some of those choice “Final Solution” youtube videos running around the net would be.

  • Liz

    I would steal Tim Burton’s. I love his vision, it’s so twisted and unique. I LOVE IT! Some of his characters are off the wall but very awesome.

  • Chris

    Probably Keith Richards or Ozzy. I would like to know if their brains still function.

  • demi adejuyigbe

    There are a few people whose minds I would break into.

    First of all, I'd break into Steve Jobs's mind. I'm sure he's got some secrets about new Apple products, but if I develop and get them to the market faster than he does, then I can be crazy rich and famous.

    Of course, I could also break into the mind of Seltzer and Friedberg, the guys that made Date Movie, Epic Movie, etc. The only reason I would break into that mind (combined they make one) is to see what the hell is going on in their minds that made them think their films are good ideas. Of course, I'd probably have to go through a bunch of fart jokes and lame pop culture references to get to the center of it all.

  • Kenneth P. Revote

    If I could break into someone's head, I'd have to break into The Joker's mind. He's maniacal and a genius at the same time. The best worst enemy anyone could ever have. I wish I could have his destructive thoughts. He's a man truly worth breaking into, even if it breaks you.

  • Stephen Tang Cook

    I'd break into the head of William Wallace because… oh wait, he doesn't have a head to break in to! HAHA….

    Actually, I'd try to wiggle my way into the mind of Paris Hilton. Maybe then I'd finally be able to get some much-needed peace and silence in a serene, empty void.

  • Ashley Olivo

    i love you. lol.

  • Omar

    James Franco.

    For him to pass up a role in INCEPTION, he must have been dreaming. And whatever he was dreaming, it must have been good.

  • Alicia Kistner

    Awesome. That movie flew way under the radar. I love Tom Hardy. He also happens to be the best Heathcliffe in any film version of Wuthering Heights ever.

  • Alicia Kistner

    I would want to see what it was like being inside Frida Kahlo's head. First of all, anyone who has a pole go through her vagina and ruin her reproductive organs and still lives for almost 30 years after is strong willed. I would want to know what trick she used to keep on living after all the hell she went through. Also, I want to know what it was like loving someone who just kept having affairs and was so hard to get to know. It's morbid, but I would want to know what went through her head before she painted. She suffered a lot of pain and was so smart and creative and rebellious. If I couldn't get into her head, I would choose Salma Hayek. She portrayed Frida in the film and was obsessed with her.



    With only a handheld camera to her name Adriana arrives in Miami to pursue her dream of becoming a famous director. She is hired on the spot by a couple of French producers, but the job is too good to be true, and Adriana has unknowingly played the rol…

  • Cameraguy7511

    After you break into Seltzer & Friedberg's minds, you could pull off an inception by planting the idea that they'd be better suited for working in retail.

  • HJohnson

    Had a dog once. He had some pretty good dreams from what I could see…leg twitchin…jumpin…growlin. Most people think way too big for this. The best dreams are from little folk who've yet to realize their dreams. Their drems are still huge. What would Bill Gates, Obama or Lady GaGa dream about? Peaceful sleep and no buzz from a darn PDA! So I like my dreams…If only I could remember them…except for that one where I'm tiny and stuck and them spiders…Well you get the point.

  • Eliud Aranda

    Alexander III of Macedon aka Alexander the Great, easily the most important human being to ever live. He stopped the spread of eastern civilization in to the western world. I wonder if he dreamed of doing this or it just happened by chance. Also I wonder what his nightmares would consist of. You can tell a lot about a person by who or what they are scared of in their nightmares.

  • Isaiah Cole

    I would steal the dreams of the one and only Martin Scorsese, because the drive and determination that he has in life is simply amazing. It took him until 2007 to finally receive an Academy Award that was long overdue. Anyone who can wait that long in his amazing career must have incredible dreams and ambition. I would like to have that as well.

  • Andrewallen08

    I'd break into Christopher Walken's head. Who knows what genius and hilarity lurks within the dreams of America's favorite casually bizarre actor of the day? I could then compile my discoveries into what I'm sure would become a best-selling book for years entitled Dreams with the Walk. Here's the cover….

  • Devon Miller

    As a young boy growing up, I was always intrigued by the works of William Shakespeare. His works of poetry along with his work on the stage astounded a young actor like myself. That man, full of creativity and talent, must have had some truly peculiar dreams to inspire such art. If I could break into the mind of any famous person, alive or dead, it would have to be him.

  • Marisapioquinto

    [email protected]

    Personally, I would want to transcend into michelangelo's mind to find out what his personal goals where, his inspirations and emotions. Especially to find out how “The torment of saint Anthony” was inspired and created. Maybe if we knew more about the his inspirations, we can find our own in his art pieces as well.

  • ash

    I would break into the mind of Quentin Tarantino and steal his dreams! Why? It would be a bad a** adventure that's for sure! Imagine all the things in his head. Here's how it goes down: It would be all out heist-style. I'd be Mr. Pink, although I'm a girl. Me & the heist group would probably stop by and have breakfast at a diner and leave a tip, of course. Then we'd head out and make our way to Tarantino's mind. But we have to be careful because his mind is well protected by the Deadly Vipers and they are backed up by the Crazy 88 gang. So we fight it out and make it in. As soon as we think we are home free…we are informed that we have to take Mia Wallace out for a night. So we head over to Jack Rabbit Slim's and have an over priced shake that tastes awesome! We continue to hang out, talk about Fox Force Five and even enter a twist contest. Pretty fun time. After that we DROP HER OFF! We don't think it's a good idea to stick around with her much longer. Finally we are getting closer to the core of Tarantino's mind where all of his dreams are…when we run into a French Tavern. We stick around and have drinks with the Basterds. We're having a pretty cool time playing a card game. All of a sudden there's a mexican standoff and a firefight breaks out and we get the heck out of there! Stuntman Mike picks us up…but then we realize we are in total danger sitting in his car. We cleverly escape him immediately. I would say how…but you would never believe me. We noticed a mysterious briefcase a few yards away. So we open it up and BAMMM! Tarantino's dreams are all in there. They are so awesome they even glow gold. This awesome adventure is what makes it worth it :)

    now can i get some tickets please?? :D

    [email protected]

  • Jesse F Aviles

    Jimi Hendrix! I think we all would like to know what was going on inside that guy's head. He was certainly one of a kind, and one of the true musical genuises of our time.

  • brain games for pda « Эхо блогосферы

    [...] James Wallace пишет: Then I turn into a giant Prozac pill and chase him around trying to de-cleanse his brain. He’d wake up more scared, more crazy and more entertaining then ever. Then he’d swallow the key to Katie’s dungeon cell, meet up with John Travolta … (the creator of many nintendo franchises including mario, zelda, and star fox) and play the most amazing video game that has ever existed. full of darker material that has been thought of but never dared to be put in nintendo’s games. … [...]

  • Mbelino83

    Michael Gondry! In my opinion one of the most underrated best director out there. He’s able to bring the imagination of day dreaming and mix it with reality and call it a movie. i.e. science of sleep and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Aside from that, has ventured of to film music video which is very different. Gondry is fearless when it comes to trying out new things. He has been chosen as the director for the Green Hornet movie, nothing like his work in the past.

  • Jerry

    I would want to get into the head of Stephen King. I habe always liked his work and the dark tower books are some of the best I have ever read. He stated that the way he finished the books was the way he always wanted to finish them. He stated he did not have a diffrent ending. I would like to go into head to see if he thought of a diffrent outcome. I also think it would be cool.

  • ScoobaSteve2K1

    I would want to get into the head of Stanley Kubrick, just to see if his dreams were as strange/disturbing as the movies he made.

  • Smith Kristiane

    I would want to get into the head of Tina Fey. She is just genuinely funny all-around and such a strong woman of comedy. I just think she’s the best, and I’d love to steal her dreams because they would feel like episodes of 30 Rock… I’d be on the ground rolling!

  • cameraguy7511

    not sure if i was actually supposed to leave my email address in the comment, some did & some didn't. just in case [email protected]

  • Anghp5

    I would break into Yoda’s mind. Thinks it would be a good idea, I do. To see the force the way he does would be crazy, yes.

  • Maggi

    Walt Disney, just to see his imagination which was years ahead of his time. Disneyworld parks are already the happiest place on earth. How much better/happier would they be if Walt’s dreams/imagination would be incorporated today with our modern technology.

  • Javier Fuentes

    I'd love to see what Hunter S. Thompson would be dreaming about. He was always creative and I'm sure the copious amounts of drugs would make it crazy.

    [email protected]

  • Ava Zampano

    I would break into the Sandman's head. You know the guy that supposedly makes everyone sleep, just to see if he has dreams and what they would be like.

  • MadMessMoving

    i would like to break into Edith Piaf mind. She is a french singer and had a very tragic life. I'm a guy so for one i want break into a woman's mind. And especially to break into her mind since she had awesome mind for music and a great fighter to go through her tough life.
    [email protected]

  • Yifeng Zhang

    I would like to break Chairman Mao's mind and would like to know how to make his decision in those historical moments, which either changed or adjusted the development path of China in a great and permanent way.

    My email is: [email protected]

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