J.C. De Leon

J.C. De Leon


There are few movie geeks like me. While I do love movies and am extremely passionate about them, my first love was and always will be sports, particularly basketball. Wait? Where you going? Come back…Ok good you’re back. Like I said, I love movies. I love movies from any and all genres. My diverse list of favorites reflect that fact, from Say Anything, to HOOSIERS, FIGHT CLUB (all time favorite) to movies like HIGH FIDELITY. Yup, I have two John Cusack movies very high on my list of favorite movies. Some of my favorite genres are action, of course sports, but I also love foreign action, specifically Asian martial arts and crime dramas. I’ll occasionally watch a “chick flick” and even enjoy them (I love THE NOTEBOOK and LOVE ACTUALLY)

All that being said, I still have a lot to learn about movies. So a lot of you will be watching me grow as a truly savvy movie geek as I watch more and more things that I sadly have never seen, and will not list here for fear of ridicule.

But what about me the person? Well I currently study Exercise and Sport Science and Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. I grew up in South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley in a small town called Donna, Texas. My love of sports came from only being exposed to sports from the time I could walk. My love of movies grew as soon as I got to college and learned that movies like The Hot Chick are actually not good movies, and I should become a better movie watcher. So with that, I’ve become a basketball loving, football playing, chick flick watching, martial arts loving, John Cusack admiring badass of a movie geek!

Living in Austin I spend most of my time at work and at the Alamo Drafthouse, but when I can, I’ll take in the occasional music show, and I enjoy just hanging out at friends houses rather than the craziness of a club or anything like that. I love Austin, and all of my favorite people should live here. Good thing most of them do.