JASON X director James Isaac passes away: 1960-2012


I love JASON X. It's an absolutely hilarious and ridiculous entry in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, and after JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, it's my favorite in the series. As such, it's incredibly sad to discover that, Jim Isaac, the man behind Uber Jason in the space-set 10th film of the franchise, has just passed away.

According to Arrow in the Head, JASON X screenwriter Todd Farmer revealed on Facebook this morning that Isaac passed away after battling a rare form of blood cancer for roughly the past year.

Isaac also directed the werewolf flick SKINWALKERS, and served as a special effects coordinator on films such as HOUSE II, VIRTUOSITY, and EXISTENZ. His most recent film, PIG HUNT, was released in 2008. He was 51.

Source Arrow in the Head

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