John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph’s Twitter interview!

Chase Whale

by: Chase Whale
May 12th, 2009

If you haven't already heard, Twitter is taking social networks by storm. The coolest thing about it is that it gives people a chance to talk directly to their favorite celebrities and see what their daily routine is like.

Last Sunday, May 10th, @FocusFeatures gave fans an exciting chance through Twitter to speak with John Krasinski and Maya Rudoph about their new film, AWAY WE GO, which opens June 5th (limited).

If you didn't get a chance to read the interview as it was happening live, don't fret, we have it below.  Oh, and if you're on Twitter, follow us @gandthew! We'll happily follow you back.

John and Maya are here, ready to begin!!

#AWGJohn RT @whichoneispam What has been your greatest AWG experience/memory? Can't wait to see it and when can I see BIWHM? Waiting eagerly
#AWGJohn [email protected] Working this closely with maya. Not only working on the movie, but getting a chance to have her in my life. I think you can see BIWHM this fall.

#AWGMaya RT @empathy985 If you were to travel somewhere to raise your children, where would it be?
#AWGMaya RT @empathy 985 anywhere? i like Hawaii. My kids can run around naked all day long. and babies are happy near water.

#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @unflinchingly Had either of you read any of Dave Egger's books before filming?
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @unflinchingly Absolutely. I have a very clear memory of where i was when i finished Heartbreaking Work. I was in my bed in NY. And i remember finishing the book and saying goddakniut i wish that wasn't over.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @unflinchingly I love HBWOSG, but I also loved reading How We Are Hungry in one sitting on a plane.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @unflinchingly I'm in the middle of What is the What? I also read Vendela's books.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @unflinchingly She's a pretty awesome writer

#AWGJohn RT @aistea311 are you looking into becoming a summer blockbuster giant, or staying indie for awhile?
#AWGJohn RT @aistea311 you know i'm not huge Jackman, right? I don't know if that's even an option, I think this movie is unique and special. I'm so honored to be a part of something this good. I don't care of they're indie or big budget.

#AWGMaya RT @sorano916 Since you went from city to city where you meet lots of fans, any encounters that made an impression?
#AWGMaya RT @sorano916 one of john's fans made an impression on my life. An older lady came out to the house where we were shooting in CT. She came back with 350 pieces of paper for him to sign. She elbowed 13 yr old girls out off the way.

#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @thethirdruben Whats it like being in this somewhat serious movie with all these funny people?
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @thethirdruben It's a dream come true. Anybody who said this looked like a great cast, it's because it is.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @thethirdruben One of the coolest casts. And every one we visit is like a seperate cast.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @thethirdruben Very few takes where we didn't laugh hysterically.

#AWG Maya @ScreenRider does your improv background ever make more dramatic roles more difficult to put yourself in as an actor?
#AWG Maya @ScreenRider Believe it or not, improv is probably your best friend in the whole wide workd. It helps you do anything. There's a term in improv called "yes and", which applies to everything in life. Can be applied to everything in life.

#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @Nephelite Best part of playing Burt and Verona?
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @Nephelite It sounds like Bert and Verona could be a Ben and Jerry flavor. What would be in it? Pickles and beer.

#AWGJohn RT @jenza_s What was it like working for Sam Mendes on this project, was it very different than shooting 30 minute office episodes?
#AWGJohn RT @jenza_s Sam Mendes is the best story telling director alive right now. There something about how Sam tells the story... of relationships. It was very different from The Office - Sam really stressed playing everything for real. You have to love the character before you love the joke.

#AWG Maya RT @sorano916 The wardrobe looks very interesting for Verona. Favorite and least favorite looks from film? :)
#AWG Maya RT @sorano916 Most of the outfits are my favorite because they did an amazing job, rather than your typical maternity clothing. We decided that Verona wouldn't wear maternity clothing. She'd wear his old pants. Sam makes fun of me because I told him I felt like a dog in high heels.

#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @MagicalSpork what was it like working with the amazing Allison Janney?
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @MagicalSpork John: I got to kiss her, so no problems there.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @MagicalSpork Maya: I love that woman. I think she's incredible. I fell madly in love with her in 2 days.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @MagicalSpork Maya: She's like Mohammed Ali.
#AWGJohn #AWG Maya RT @MagicalSpork John: You know that someone is amazing when all anyone has to say about them is "oh my god!"

#AWGJohn RT @Nephelite Did Burt wear glasses/have beard because Sam wanted viewers to forget John's Jim character or to make him seem older?
#AWGJohn RT @Nephelite It was atcually in the script. When Sam asked me to grow a beard, like every man can grow a beard... I had that moment of - Can I do even this since puberty?

Source Facebook/ @FocusFeatures

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  • Dr.Flynn

    Pretty interesting, I’m glad to see Maya Rudolph get additional roles. Loved her in Idiocracy, even redeemed her terrible stint on SNL back when it was half decent.

    Although, I hate twitter, and can’t wait for the technology to be integrated into much more feasible avenues.

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