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John Mulhern

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Maybe it was foreshadowing, but when I was four, I would always tell people my favorite director was Steven Spielberg. It might be because my parents took me to see Jurassic Park in theaters, even though I was way too young to see it. My love for film never died! I'm a film geek! I've seen Pulp Fiction over a hundred times (easily), I remember the most trivial film facts, I can connect any two actors (that I'm familiar with) through their acting careers (seriously, test me), and I can talk about James Bond for hours.

I'm currently a student at the University of North Texas pursuing a Radio, Television, and Film degree. FUN FACT: John Mulhern won a state award in 2007 for co-writing and co-directing a PSA!

Also, I'm a self professed tea guru, always looking for new teas to try out! If you wanna talk tea, I'm interested. I even have a tea blog, seriously.