Kacey Close


Coding Ninja/Movie Goer

In his youth, Kacey’s daydreams were all envisioned in CinemaScope with sweeping camera movements and often impossibly dramatic angles. His entire history can be punctuated with powerful scores and soundtracks. Every moment of his life, he has reenvisioned in his head as scenes from a film. From humble beginnings in a nearly non-existent town in southern Connecticut, Kacey has found himself deposited in Denton, Texas.

What followed was a wending path to a degree in Radio, Television, and Film with a minor in photography. He has worked on a handful of movies and television shows in the DFW area only to eventually abandon the dreams of becoming a film maker, indefinitely. Still, years after achieving his now disused film degree from the University of North Texas, he has homesteaded in the area and has become a full time computer technician for the same said university.

Established in his safe, middle-class lifestyle, Kacey works a 40 hour job simply to pay the bills and live a simple life with his wife and son. Movies are never far away from him and he is constantly digesting more cinema from all eras and genres. And, most recently, as a member of Gordon and the Whale, he volunteers his talents with web design to help build the best up-and-coming movie site on the net.

Kacey considers himself a filmmaker, a photographer, a web designer, a gamer, a husband, and a father; not necessarily in that order.