Kathleen Kennedy takes Co-Chair at Lucasfilm

Kennedy announced as co-chair at Lucasfilm

Following news on George Lucas stepping down at Lucasfilm, today the studio named legendary American producer, Kathleen Kennedy as co-chair. Lucas will still hold the title of CEO and as board co-chair, but plans on retirement from the studio to make smaller, experimental films. Kennedy is best known for helping start Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and continuing to produce his films as Amblin's president. Under her own Kennedy/Marshall Company, with husband Frank Marshall, she's produced numerous Oscar winners and blockbusters.

Kennedy's resume reads like a history of Hollywood since 1980 and has produced films for the likes of Scorsese, Zemeckis, Levinson, Eastwood and Shyamalan. The press release from Lucasfilm said the current productions at Kennedy/Marshall will shift to Frank, including post on Spielberg's upcoming historical film, LINCOLN. They are also releasing the new BOURNE LEGACY movie this summer.

In the release Lucas said: "For me Kathy was the obvious choice, she is a trusted friend and one of the most respected producers and executives in the industry.”

Sources Deadline, Variety

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