Killer CABIN IN THE WOODS ‘What’s Killing You’ infographic details the many ways to die in a horror movie

Horror film fans and aficionados are familiar with the tropes and archetypes that are always present when the slaying begins.

The latest entry into the canon, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, does an excellent job of deconstructing the genre while also living within it. It's an excellent film and you'd do yourself a service to see it.

In honor of the film's release, CABIN's marketing team compiled this awesome infographic detailing the many ways people have met their maker in the history of the genre.

[To really enjoy the image, try clicking on it to expand and view.]

I think it's funny that while the most common way to die  is to be impaled, it looks like The Scholar is too smart to fall for that.  And while The Athlete is always the strongest, he does seems to always succumb to the pressure and get crushed, most likely over-estimating his own strength.

Do you notice any interesting trends?

Source GeekTyrant

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  • Maximus

    Awesome graphic! I’ll definitely share. I just posted a haunting review of The Cabin in the Woods this morning …