KING DORK next for CASA DE MI PADRE helmer Matt Piedmont

While it wasn’t THE HUNGER GAMES, Matt Piedmont’s Will Ferrell-starring comedy CASA DE MI PADRE was not only an indie, foreign box office success, but also one of Ferrell’s most well received comedies in quite some time.  And for his troubles, Piedmont may have found himself a brand new project.

Deadline reports that Piedmont will team with Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions to work on an adaptation of KING DORK, from writer Frank Portman.  The film will follow “best friends Tom and Sam, two outsiders who bond over their shared love of classic rock and roll, which helps them cope with the agony of getting through high school in 1987.”

Variety furthers the story, revealing that PROJECT X lead Thomas Mann is in talks to star in the film, as Tom, with Keir Gilhchrist being looked at for Sam.  The only other locked in actor is Nick Offerman, who will play Tom’s stepfather.

Personally, while I’m not familiar at all with the book, I do love the premise, and this cast is shaping up to be something really special.  Offerman is a true blue star, and while I haven’t seen PROJECT X, Mann seems like a serviceable comedic lead.  Hopefully this one can finally see the light of day, as it’s been gestating for what seems like a lifetime.

Source Deadline via Variety

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