Kirsten Wiig to star in and produce “passion project” IMOGENE

The brief tickle of disappointment I felt when I learned that Kristen Wiig would be starring in and producing a passion project that is not a CLOWN GIRL adaptation was swiftly replaced when I learned a bit more about the star's latest project. Wiig will star in and executive produce IMOGENE, penned by Michelle Morgan. The film also has Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini on board to direct (they previously filmed such varied fare as CINEMA VERITE, AMERICAN SPLENDOR, and THE NANNY DIARIES).

IMOGENE will follow Wiig's character, "a playwright who fakes suicide to win back an ex and finds herself stuck in the custody of her gambler mother, trapped among family." The grimness of suicide aside, this sounds like it's right up Wiig's alley, and I can foresee a mix of drama, humor, and self-realization in the film. A bit like BRIDESMAIDS, no?

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Wiig has reportedly been trying to get the film going for over two years, so this is truly a passion project. The film will be the first project for Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler under their new production company, Maven Pictures.

IMOGENE is set to start filming in New York in August.

Source Variety, via Movieline

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