Kurt Russell gets pulled into UNDYING, the mysterious film from BOOK OF ELI screenwriter

Kurt Russell

It seems as though this is the week for announcing that stars are signing onto movies that have virtually no available information.  So in keeping with that trend, Kurt Russell has now joined the cast of UNDYING (previously titled REAPER), a film described as a "neo-noir creeper."  While that does sound like an intriguing genre, it is also equally ambiguous, and so far, not enough is known about this script to clear things up much.

What we do know is that the script was penned by BOOK OF ELI's Gary Whitta, and it follows Kurt Russell's character, Virgil Lone, who gets pulled into a surreal underworld when he is hired by the mysterious Delia...and that's about all we know, aside from producer Stewart Hall's comments which you can check out after the jump:

"Kurt Russell is perfect for this role...He is truly one of the few actors who audiences continually embrace as a real hero."

Continually?  It would seem that Russell spent a lot more time in the anti-hero spotlight, than the straight up heroic, but it's hard to blame a producer for playing hype machine.  Who knows, maybe Hall is a big fan of CAPTAIN RON, who is definitely one of this writer's heroes.

Source: /Film (via THR)