Mark Ruffalo says THE AVENGERS isn’t shooting in 3D

Mark Ruffalo says THE AVENGERS isn't shooting in 3D

3D movies were a fad back in the day, but film studios have been insistent upon familiarizing modern audiences with the fad to help their products take in more money at the box office. It’s worked well for some films, while others – PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES is a recent example – failed to truly cash in on the trend.

The 3D technology is most often utilized for blockbusters of the action ilk, including superhero films, so THE AVENGERS, setting itself up to become the highest grossing superhero film ever, would make sense as a 3D feature. However, that might not be happening.

Mark Ruffalo tweeted about the film, saying that it “is not being shot in 3D.” Such information might indicate that Marvel won’t implement 3D because it’s not guaranteed to increase a film’s overall gross by much. However, Cinema Blend suggests that the film might be converted to 3D after filming is complete, as the studio did with THOR.

I watched THOR, but I didn’t force myself to watch it in post-conversion 3D. Hopefully there won’t even be a need to decide against 3D when THE AVENGERS arrives in theaters next year.

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