Mel Gibson is back in a prison

Adam Reed

by: Adam Reed
December 8th, 2009


No, Mel Gibson has not been arrested. At least not up to the point that I have written that sentence. Regardless of that fact, the famed and extremely talented man that does it all is headed to a prison. Which prison? He is going to an old and foreign prison, tucked away in a familiar place for him; the still-in-use Ignacio Allende Prison in Veracruz, Mexico. I say the place is familiar because some of the shooting on Gibson's last directorial effort, APOCALYPTO, was done there.

So, how did we find out about this project in the first place? Mel Gibson is one of the best in/out of Hollywood at keeping his projects completely under wraps. I mean, it was almost impossible for reporters to learn anything about APOCALYPTO, and even after they learned bits, nothing that solid was revealed until the trailer popped up. Well, this time we have been fortunate enough that an insider has spoken up. The Governor of Veracruz, Fidel Herrera, is currently exclaiming to all that will hear that a “grand production” is going to soon take place at the Ignacio Allende Prison, and Mel Gibson and company are the folks behind it all.

So, we know that Gibson is shooting a film at a historical prison in Veracruz, Mexico, but what could the film be about? Unfortunately, the governor isn't spilling the beans on that information, as of yet. But, with a little detective work, and the help of the handy dandy internet, maybe we can find a lead. Maybe.

Of course, the first possibility that comes to mind, on what this project could be, is the fact that this film might not be based on a true historical story. The prison might just be a cool setting for some fictional story. It could even be a prison that could stand in place for a wide array of foreign prisons. Maybe he just wanted to shoot in Mexico, considering his past healthy relationship with the place. Could be.

If one is to take into consideration his last two directorial efforts, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (2004) and APOCALYPTO, both were gritty historical pieces. Gibson likes to shoot films on location, and make them look as absolutely realistic as possible. One way he accomplishes this is by shooting where the actual event took place, or as close as possible (you can't exactly shoot a film on the actual holy spots where they believe the crucifixion activities took place). Therefore, I would say that it is probably a safe bet that this new film will be both historical, and about some actual event that took place in the area.

With this deduction, I am convinced (though still only speculating) that this new film will either be another spiritual film (missionary perhaps) or a story about a real life criminal that did hard time in the Ignacio Allende Prison. Here is where the handy dandy internet, namely Google, comes in. Kirk, over at wearemoviegeeks.com did his own search and came across a Wikipedia article that listed some interesting possible subjects. Here is a snippet:

"Some of prison’s more famous prisoners include Fray Servando Teresa de Mier and Benito Juárez, both political prisoners. But the most famous is Jesús Arriaga, better known as “Chucho el Roto.”[3] Most people visit San Juan de Ulúa due to the legend of this bandit.[16] Jesús Arriaga, better known as “Chucho el Roto,” was held at Fort San Juan de Ulúa where he died. It is not known if he died of natural causes, as a result of a fight with other prisoners or by other means. Chucho was a Robin Hood figure who lived during the 19th century.[17] He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, inspiring songs and poetry such as the verses penned by Rafeal de Zayas Enriquez. Chucho was arrested in Querétaro after a jewelry store heist. He was sent to the Belen Prison in Mexico City, then to Veracruz. He was also renowned as a seducer of women, especially those who were rich and lonely. Most of his targets were jewelry shops, pawnshops and the homes of the wealthy."

Okay, a Mexican Robin Hood? I can dig it. Usually, I would not take Wikipedia's word for it, but there really isn't too much on the internet concerning this particular prison in Veracruz. Really, for now, all we know about this film-to-be is that it is in the very capable hands of Mel Gibson, and that it will be taking place, at least for a bit, in the Ignacio Allende Prison in Veracruz. I cannot wait to finally hear some solid details on this project (I absolutely love Mel Gibson's work), but I am content in the fact that I probably won't know jack-squat until the trailer is released somewhere around a year-and-a-half from now.

Source We Are Movie Geeks

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