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Melissa Molina

L.A. Correspondent

Once upon a time in the not so far away land of San Diego, California lived a young girl who watched THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE LION KING one too many times. After her hopes of one day animating that cute big-eared mouse faded away, she kept on chugging along through school, singing happy songs, and looking out her window waiting for...nothing really. One day she got accepted to a university, packed her bags, and waved bye-bye to set off for the mysterious land known as Los Angeles. Now she she resides in the strange city, working in the press film industry, and filling her days with writing all sorts of things having to do with movies, along with drawing here and there for fun. Sure, it's not like how she imagined her "happily ever beginning" to start, but why would she argue with it? It beats dressing up as a ghetto-looking Spider-Man on Hollywood Blvd.