New poster for TED is quite fluffy

Seth MacFarlane is on top of the world. He is Fox's pride and joy, and has several shows on the network. Family Guy especially is hugely popular, and is a property they aren't ready to get rid of (again). He is a very creative mind, and it comes as no surprise that he would ultimately direct a feature. That moment is upon us. He brings us a movie called TED, which follows a man and his living Teddy Bear.

I've been pretty excited for TED for a while now, and especially curious to see what it was like. That's why this poster is so great. You can see the rest after the break!

Full disclosure, I'm not the biggest fan of Family Guy or any of Seth MacFarlane's shows. I do feel that his type of humor if it were more focused, like in the case of a feature length narrative, could be really funny. Also, TED's R rating helps out a lot. This poster is one of our first looks at the film, and I'm very excited. It's a really great poster, one that I hope I see all over the movie theaters.

TED is set for release this summer.

Source Collider and First Showing via /Film

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