New PROMETHEUS trailer will rock your socks

If you weren't excited by the teaser, the full trailer for Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS has officially arrived, like an alien ship on a barren planet of shitty movies, ready to blow the lid off of our neanderthal skulls. A pulse-pounding couple of minutes that takes you on a greater adventure than most full-length films, this new trailer makes you wonder why Ridley hasn't been making bold, sci-fi horror for the last thirty years. I like GLADIATOR, but still.

Check out the riveting new trailer after the hyper-jump!

Seriously, if you don't find that compelling, then you might as well give away your television and adopt a seeing-eye dog. For a film that is certainly on everyone's radar, I'm now going to be monitoring the satellites like I'm Dr. Arroway from CONTACT, just hoping to catch another snippet of information from the space array. Thirty three years later, we're getting a loose prequel to A L I E N, and the buzz is tremendous. What Scott achieved in 1979 left an indelible mark on the world, and if this new footage is any indication, we'll have a hard time forgetting PROMETHEUS as well.

Looks like Fox might have a huge hit on their hands come June 8th, 2012.


Source AICN

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