Nicolas Winding Refn still looking to DRIVE with Ryan Gosling

Nicolas Winding Refn

With the announcement that he would be helming the upcoming neo-Western ONLY GOD FORGIVES as his next film, many  fans of Nicolas Winding Refn were overjoyed, as well as quite melancholy, because this meant the imminent demise of his adaptation of James Sallis’ neo-noir novel, Drive.

Or so we thought.  According to Screen Daily, Affinity International is currently offering the project to buyers in Cannes, with Refn still attached.  The novel follows a Hollywood stuntman who happens to be a getaway driver for criminals.  He falls into some hard times when he helps a neighbor’s ex-boyfriend, thus creating quite a bit of drama.

The film is set to star Ryan Gosling, and has been compared to films like BULLITT and THE FRENCH CONNECTION.

Refn could shoot a film of my puppy chewing on a bone, and it would be my most anticipated film ever, so really, I can’t wait to see this one on the big screen. Refn is a brilliant filmmaker, and if you need proof, fire up the computer and check out his PUSHER trilogy and BRONSON, which are both currently on Netflix Watch Instantly. Gosling is a gifted actor, so overall, this is really a project that you cannot go wrong with.  Hopefully this one gets made sooner rather than later.

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