No Country For Old Men Review

Chase Whale

by: Chase Whale
November 12th, 2007


Josh Brolin stars as Llewelyn Moss, a hunter who stumbles upon money, heroin, and lots of trouble. Killing and violence ensues.

Chase thinks!:

When Javier Bardem flips his coin and asks his future friend or foe to "call it," it makes me wonder if he did just that when agreeing to star in this film.

I have never felt so insulted and pissed off after leaving a film. The first half of the movie was fun, entertaining, and pretty intense. It looked like it was heading in a very good direction considering all the reviews I had read, but the second half of this film felt flat fast. I counted at least six plot holes, one after another becoming more annoying than the last.

Also, there were so many unmarked characters in this, I had no idea who was who. “Hey, who is that guy? Oh it doesn't matter, he just got killed. But who is that guy? What’s his role in this movie? Still doesn't matter because he too just got killed.”

This garbage of a would be solid film gets a six for two reasons, and two reasons only. One, the performances of Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem were on point. Josh perfected a Southern boy hell bent on keeping this money, and Javier perfected a mysterious killer hell bent on getting his money back. He scared the hell out of me, and I would not like to run into this guy when he's having a bad day. Sorry, but Tommy Lee Jones will not be added in this because I have seen him play a sheriff in three movies already and the only performance he has ever done that stands out in my head is his role in Under Siege.

Second, I am not sure how many people noticed this, but Kelly McDonalds (Trainspotting anyone?) Southern belle accent was perfect considering the fact that she is from the UK. Let's not forget Don Cheadles attempt in Oceans 11. Sorry Don, you are still a badass in my book.

Everybody is excited about the Coen Brothers since they directed cult hit movies like The Big Lebowski and Raising Arizona, but let’s not forget about the ones they want slid under the matt, i.e. The Ladykillers. That movie looked like it would suck and it did. This movie, however, has it's own category of "this movie will not suck, but guess what? It did." genre.

Yes, I get it: "We have made successful films off 'not giving a shit' principles, so we do what we want." This proved that doesn't work every time. This film was a mess.

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  • jontiberouscollins

    you’re freaking crazy, chase! this movie was the jam!

  • Chase Whale

    I am hoping for a Anton Chigurh spinoff!

  • cassorear

    2 out of 10? yikes… I thought it was possibly the years best film

  • klink

    Ok, I agree and disagree..

    (on a side note, Tommy Lee Jones best cop was US Marshalls(sub note: yes better than Fugitive cop))
    The movie was great. but Even after wikipedia-ing if that was how the movie was supposed to end I felt empty. Almost as though I was mad at the film in 1-2 main occasions.

    1. After he was hit by the car, he should have died, the end….it would have better emphasized there motif of “random chaos”. Artsy BS

    2. You know how hard it would have been to randomly spot that case of money if you were Woody Harelson…he just guessed??? HOLD THE PHONE. he just assumed????.. “hmm, maybe he walked over to Mexico and threw the case in the river bed next to the bridge, thats where I’ll start looking in this whole town.” Man that pissed me off.

    Maybe the books better. Odds are I won’t read it, I’ve have games to play and comics to read. I haven’t completed Twilight Princess yet and Princess Zelda is always getting in trouble.

  • klink

    ATONEMENT should have won best picture

    why didn’t yall do a OSCAR recap?

    come on

  • Wilhem Oliva

    WHAT?!!!??! 10 OUT OF 10, MY FRIEND! NO, MAKE IT 11 OUT OF 10, 20/10, ONE BILLION OUT 10!!!!

  • Chase Whale

    I still stand by this!

  • Chang Delusia

    It’s all about Julia,Julia,Julia and like eating free chocolate while working in a chocolate producing factory, to icky sweet ..I rate this with “Lombard & Gable”, I want my money back.

  • Watch Expendables

    Damn I like this website. heart XOXOX.

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