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December 18th, 2007

OK, so we had some serious technical difficulties. Our audio mics were all busted, and we didn't have time to color correct, so... deal with it! I promise we know what we're doing.

If you are in the film industry, please give us jobs so we can focus on these projects fullllllllllllllll time!

PS Those are Juno tee shirts we are wearing. If you want one, look for them (not the ones we are wearing, those are smelly and gross) in one of our upcoming contests!

I'm a loose cannon with exclamation marks.

Official Juno Trailer

GATW Guest Writer

December 15th, 2007

Will Smith entertained many viewers as the loud-mouthed, funny, and hip “fresh prince” on the popular nineties sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, few could have foreseen that the wacky cousin from Philly would develop into such a talented and muscular A-list star. Mr. Smith’s talent as an actor is evident in his monetary success at the box office, as well as his growing critical praise and two Oscar nominations. Mr. Smith’s skills are again put under great scrutiny in his latest film, I am Legend.

The film takes place in the near future where a virus based on measles that was designed to cure cancer has turned 99% of the earth’s population into flesh eating monsters, who look like zombies, love blood, and are allergic to sunlight. The trailers insinuate that the film is going to be about Will Smith fighting zombies and saying tough things as he kills zombie after zombie. However, that is not the case. The monsters are key characters because they are responsible for several crucial plot points, but they are used very sparingly through out the film. A large part of the film is devoted to watching Robert Neville’s (Smith) daily routine and his struggle with loneliness and increasingly hopeless situation.

Chase Whale

December 13th, 2007

The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards will take place Sunday, January 13 and will air on NBC at 8pm. Below I have highlighted the ones I believe should take home the bathroom decoration. Let's kick some ass Atonement!

Cecil B. DeMille Award
Steven Spielberg

Best Motion Picture - Drama
Amercian Gangster
Eastern Promises
The Great Debaters
Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood (I have not seen this yet, so don't fail me P.T.)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Cate Blanchett – Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Julie Christie – Away From Her
Jodie Foster – The Brave One
Angelina Jolie – A Mighty Heart
Keira Knightley – Atonement

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
George Clooney – Michael Clayton
Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood
James McAvoy – Atonement (Daniel will probably take this one.)
Viggo Mortensen – Eastern Promises
Denzel Washington – American Gangster

Chase Whale

December 12th, 2007


We are a few days behind on this (thanks school finals!), but the soundtrack for Juno is now available for digital download on iTunes. Kimya Dawson/The Moldy Peaches fans will be very happy to hear the "Anyone Else but You" cover by Ellen Page and Michael Cera.

1. All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar

2. Rollercoaster - Kimya Dawson
3. A Well Respected Man - The Kinks

4. Dearest - Buddy Holly

5. Up The Spout - Mateo Messina

6. Tire Swing - Kimya Dawson

7. Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle & Sebastian
8. Loose Lips - Kimya Dawson

9. Superstar - Sonic Youth

10. Sleep - Kimya Dawson

11. Expectations - Belle & Sebastian

12. All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople

13. So Nice So Smart - Kimya Dawson

14. Sea of Love - Cat Power
15. Tree Hugger - Antsy Pants

16. I’m Sticking With You - Velvet Underground

17. Anyone Else but You - The Moldy Peaches
18. Vampire - Antsy Pants

19. Anyone Else but You - Michael Cera and Ellen Page

With the exception of your frat brother whose vocabulary is limited to the term "dudebro," this soundtrack will be loved by all generations of the family.

Chase Whale

December 10th, 2007

Remember that time you went to that local film festival, and that one guy swept the entire thing? Here is the winner of 2007's Dark Horse Film Festival. This film is nothing short of brilliant. We support this film and its success it will not doubt carry. Hollywood doesn't know what's about to bang them over the head.

Little Boy teaser

GATW Guest Writer

December 10th, 2007

When most kids go to college, they go to live their parents' dreams of becoming a lawyer or a doctor.  Sometimes they form terrible bands that they take way too seriously and play in nasty little bars. MGMT (pronounced Management) didn't. Ever.  

Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser met and formed the duo while studying music in college.  MGMT would often play at the college dorms, but usually played covers.  By that I mean they would only play the Ghostbusters' theme song many times in a row.  Of course the duo would write more "serious" music behind closed doors and soon decided they needed to sell out.  

GATW Guest Writer

December 9th, 2007

Noah Baumbach is the writer/director behind the 2005 critical hit The Squid and The Whale, a smart, entertaining, and semi-autobiographical account of his parent’s divorce. Mr. Baumbach’s newest film is Margot at the Wedding, a rather joyless film, whose unpleasant characters are bursting with emotional pain and toxic memories. As you are introduced to the film’s characters you know things are going to be said and done during this weekend that have been building up for many years and will never be repaired.

Nicole Kidman shows she is very capable at playing Margot, the passive aggressive, and sometimes just aggressive title character. Margot cuts down her sister, sweet and soon to be ex-husband, and even her beloved child whenever she feels vulnerable. She’s constantly using her sharp tongue as a way of getting out of honest exchanges between her and her “loved” ones.

The wedding at the center of the film belongs to Margot’s sister, Pauline, who is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, the director’s real life wife. It is evident that Margot has done something in the past to severely hurt Pauline. However, Pauline is trying to forgive Margot and tries to show her willingness to rebuild their friendship by inviting her to the wedding. Although it is never clear if Pauline’s attempt are earnest or driven by Pauline’s attraction to Margot’s somewhat celebrity, since Margot is a successful writer.

Chase Whale

December 8th, 2007

This here is Jason Reitman. For the ones that don't know much about pop culture, he is the director of last years hit Thank You for Smoking and soon to be this years hit Juno. He is also responsible for reuniting the Moldy Peaches. Look for our video review of Juno this coming week. Enjoy!

Chase Whale

December 7th, 2007

Jason Reitman is the director of the soon to be indie hit Juno. Very funny guy. Tomorrow we're posting the full interview where we talk Juno, pornography, strippers, fake Rambo tattoos, and love for good music.

GATW Guest Writer

December 7th, 2007

Fledgling writer Briony Tallis, as a 13-year-old, irrevocably changes the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister's (Keira Knightley) lover (James McAvoy) of a crime he did not commit. Based on the British romance novel by Ian McEwan.

I'm not exactly sure where to start with this review. To tell you the truth, I have so much to say about it that it's becoming increasingly hard to collect my thoughts and make sense of everything. The one thing I can say for sure is that Atonement was an incredible movie.

It's one of those movies that leave me longing to tell someone about it but instead of telling them I would rather show them. So, with that being said, I'm going to try my best to tell you what I think of the movie and then urge you to go see it as soon as you can.

I had some expectations for this film and had an idea of what the story would be like. I haven't read the book so I can't say how true to the story the movie was. Either way, it was an amazing story with a very unconventional ending. I loved it. Movies are often predictable but Atonement holds strong all the way up to the credits.

Atonement was an extremely well crafted movie with great attention to detail. The score, the cinematography, the editing, the acting and the directing were done so perfectly and everything came together to create a beautiful story.

Now, go see the movie.

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