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GATW Guest Writer

February 4th, 2008


Strange Wilderness is the latest release from Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison. In the film Steve Zahn plays the well-meaning TV host Peter Gaulke, who is trying to restore his deceased Father’s nature show to the level of success it previously enjoyed. The movie contains Sandler film veterans Allen Covert (the lead in Grandma’s Boy) and Peter Dante. Jonah Hill, who played the quick witted and determined Seth in Superbad, is also part of the fictional show’s crew. Justin Long, who played minor but amusing roles in the comedies Walk Hard and The Break Up is also along for the ride, and is clearly having a great time playing the show’s pot-head camera man. Considering all the comedic talent involved in Strange Wilderness, one would figure at worst the film would be a moderately entertaining comedy. However, even for a stoner comedy Strange Wilderness seems half backed, containing very few genuine laughs.
The film’s premise is as a simple as you might expect. After Peter’s Boss, played by Jeff Garlin, yet another funny actor who is not funny in this film, tells Peter he is about to cancel the show Peter decides to track down and film Big Foot to gain some much needed ratings and save the show.
The whole movie feels as though a group of friends got high, got a video camera, wrote a very thin plot summary, and then decided to try and make a movie. Most film scripts are over a hundred pages, and I’m really curious to find out if Strange Wilderness’ script is even over fifteen pages. The actors often resort to just yelling their unfunny lines in a sad attempt to make their lines somewhat humorous. Except in the case of Jonah Hill, who just uses a weak accent that doesn’t sound like it belongs to any particular region. With the exception of Justin Long, the actors seem just as lazy as the script in attempting to generate laughs. However, the film is not without comical moments entirely. The voiceovers of the animals in their habitat always prove to enjoyable, and are truly the best part of the film. Unfortunately, the voiceovers make up about ten percent of the film, so the audience has a lot of downtime to prepare for their next laughs.
The film’s ending pretty much sums up the whole movie. No one says anything particularly funny, then the actors start laughing and that’s it. The scene looks like something that belongs in the gag reel. It appears as if the filmmakers and actors are saying, "we didn’t take this thing seriously at all and we can’t believe this is actually getting released in theaters."

Chase Whale

February 4th, 2008


Some people are a bit unclear on what's going on this Wednesday night, so here is some info.

Gordon and the Whale Dot Com is throwing a movie party for Colin Farrell's (I had to google his name to finally spell it right) new film, In Bruges. Take note- it's NOT a screening. That's the following night. What it will be though is: two cool dudes playing good music all night long, one hip photographer taking your blemish free photo, cheap drinks (thanks Rubber Gloves!), and three nerdy film guys giving you passes, beanies, posters, and shirts that say "My best friend went to fucking Bruges, and all I got was this fucking shirt." We will also be having a contest with the winners getting reserved passes for the screening of In Bruges Thursday, February 7th (NEXT DAY).

This is all new to us, and we're very excited to be doing this. If all goes whale, we will be doing things like this a lot more. All you have to do is show up.

I also almost forgot to mention two more very important things. There is NO COVER for this event. I'll restate that. NO COVER FOR THIS EVENT.

Oh, and Chipotle is bringing food. All FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Chase Whale

February 3rd, 2008


The photo above states why Hannah Montana topped the charts over the weekend. It only has a two week run (ten bucks says the keep it going), and IT'S IN 3D. I honestly don't understand the hype with this, by then again, I'm no longer twelve. But in my twelve year old self defense, I would not pay $15 to see this movie. Especially if it's just a girl singing songs in 3D. We have U2 3D for that.

It doesn't surprise me that The Eye hit at number two. The youth of America seem to have a knack for shitty horror/thriller films. ZZZzzzzzzzzzz. It won't be on the tops next week, I can guarantee it.

Juno is still in the tops (yay!) along with 27 Dresses, but Meet The Spartans? Seriously? It was bad enough that it beat out Rambo last weekend for the top spot considering all the marketing Rambo put in, but still in the top five in it's second week? C'mon!

New comers Over Her Dead Body and Strange Wilderness didn't even break top 10. If you saw these this weekend, you know why.

Results (Feb. 1-3):

Movie Studio Weekend Gross Total Budget
Hannah Montana BV $29,000,000 $29,000,000 N/A
The Eye LGF $13,000,000 $13,000,000 N/A
27 Dresses WB $8,400,000 $57,115,000 $30 Mil
Juno FoxS $7,450,000 $110,263,000 N/A
Meet the Spartans Fox $7,125,000 28,332,000 N/A

Source- boxofficemojo.com

Chase Whale

February 2nd, 2008


You DO know who Charlie Kaufman is, right? Yes, you do. He is the genius with Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Human Nature under his screenwriting belt.


IonCinema has an exclusive first look photo of his directorial debut film Synecdoch, New York. It stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as Caden, a theater director who attempts to create a life-size replica of New York city inside a warehouse for his new play. This project was first supposed to be under the hands of his longtime collaborator, Spike Jonze, but took it under his wing after Spike chose to take on Where the Wild Things Are. It's scheduled release is late this year. The film also stars Catherine Keener, Michelle Williams, Samantha Morton and Tilda Swinton.

Chase Whale

February 1st, 2008

The Eye

Written by:
Sebastian Gutierrez (2008 screenplay)
Jo Jo Yuet-chun Hui (2002 original)
Oxide Pang Chun (2002 original)
Danny Pang (2002 original)

Directed by:
David Moreau
Xavier Palud

Jessica Alba

Plot synopsis: In this 2008 Hollywood remake of a Japanese film of the same (Jian Gui) name stars Jessica Alba as Sydney Wells, a blind violinist since birth who gets the great fortune of a corneal transplant that allows her to see again. Now adjusting to her new visual life, she starts seeing things other people cant. Dum dum dum!

I have to first state that I saw the original in theaters when I was 19 or 20, and man, one scene in that stuck in my mind forever. My friends would tease me about it for weeks because I literally hoped out of my seat when the terror began. JUST in this one scene.

Chase Whale

February 1st, 2008


Most of my friends know I hate Sean Penn (think back to Oscar night, circa Lost in Translation/Mystic River) and I haven't been a fan of Van Sant's work since Good Will Hunting. But I'm not going to say these two don't have any talent and I'm not excited about this film. That would be a lie.

Milk stars Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay elected official, who was shot down by fellow worker Dan White.

/film has gotten ahold of what looks like a fake flyer of Sean as Milk, and some paparazzi shots of Emile Hirsch in that cool 70's gear (check out them specs!). Even sporting a wig. And yes, that's Sean on the left all blue jeaned up. Emile plays a gay activist backing Harvey Milk. After seeing Into the Wild (I know, I know), I'll forever be a fan of Mr. Hirsch. Thanks for the doop Academy!

PS Emile Hirsch is such a badass. Look at them Chucks!

GATW Guest Writer

January 31st, 2008

Our beloved Chase Whale turns 25 today!

Just look at how adorable he is!!!!!:

Chase Whale

January 30th, 2008

Here is the interview we shared with Martin McDonagh for his new film, In Bruge. Movie opens February 9th at the Magnolia, and then wide on the 15th.

Go see it!

Chase Whale

January 30th, 2008


I'm not sure who to blame yet, but Variety reports that Mark Romanek, the talented guy behind One Hour Photo and that kick ass Johnny Cash video HURT, has just dropped out of Universal's big budget remake of Wolfman. Sources report a dispute over the budget (which was $100 million) and creative difference.

Benicio Del Toro fans have kept up with this for some time now, because he has been attached forever and was made for this role. Now it's been halted. Womp. Womp. Get it together Hollywood!

PS Don't tell me that photo of Del Toro doesn't scare the hell out of you.

GATW Guest Writer

January 30th, 2008


Fun for all ages(quotes?) is one of those terms that is always greeted with a decent amount of skepticism, especially when it comes to movies. Many people scoff as how can a film simple enough to entertain an eight year old really have enough going on to also capture the mind of an old and weary adult. However, every once and a while a film does indeed come along that grandparents all the way down to elementary students can equally enjoy, usually in the form of a movie that has a both a large amount of fun and smarts. Add a large dose of heart to that winning formula and you have the new film Son of Rambow.

Kids will immediately be drawn to Son of Rambow due to fact the two leads are children. Will Proudfoot (Bill Milner) is the quiet and artistic son of a widow who belongs to the Plymouth Brethren, a religious group who practices a simpler way of life. Will is not allowed to watch TV, even at school he must wait outside when his class watches educational videos. Will is not too bummed about this, as this time in the halls allows him the opportunity to draw whatever he would like. However, one day Will’s doodling in the halls is disturbed when the clever and always scheming Lee Carter (Will Pouter) is set out in the halls for punishment. Despite being very different on the surface, the boys eventually become friends, mostly through Lee’s craftiness and Will’s wholesome gullibility. Soon, a visit to Lee’s home causes Will to accidentally see a pirated copy of Rambo: First Blood. Would you like to guess who videotaped this illegal copy. Of course, it’s that lovable little scamp Lee Carter (haha!). This viewing of Rambo triggers Will imagination, which leads Lee and Will to film a sequel to Rambo, called The Son of Rambow.

Both of the two leads were found during opening casting calls at various schools throughout London, which is a decision that pays off well for the filmmakers as the scenes between the two boys never seem forced or as if they two are only acting like friends. You can tell these kids really had a great time together making the film within the film; these young actors’ joy translates into much fun and laughter for the audience. You can’t help but laugh as the goofy Will goes along with whatever dangerous or silly stunt Lee has in mind for him. Theses scenes will most likely cause the audience members to fondly look back at some of their younger years.

Although the film revolves around two children, adults will find plenty to smile about and keep their attention in the Son of Rambow, as director Garth Jennings brings a refreshing sense of imagination and humor to his latest film. Jennings creates several memorable comedic gags and jokes; there is an especially funny moment involving a flying fake dog and a pair of scissors. Jennings also does a great job of making us remember why it was so great to be a kid with an unspoiled imagination by showing various episodes imagined by Will, including the creation of the plot of his and Lee’s movie.

Son of Rambow might seem like one of those movies that features an idea that would work best as short film or skit but not meant to be stretched into a feature length film. However, the film remains engaging throughout, containing many opportunities for the audience to laugh as they quietly root for the film’s leads to complete their project despite the many obstacles that come in their way, including Will’s religion and the flamboyantly fashionable French exchange student Didier (Jules Sitruk). The filmmakers certainly have a great time harmlessly making fun of the character of Didier, showing just how silly young people can be in their attempts to be cool.

This summer promises many extravagant action sequences and special effects with the release of many big budget studio films, and I’m sure many of these films will be very thrilling and exciting. However, the sweet and enjoyable for everybody film Son of Rambow can serve as a nice heartfelt break for anyone who needs a little breather between this year’s various summer blockbusters.

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