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Chase Whale

January 14th, 2008


Last night was the first awkward.com Golden Globe Awards. Yay for Atonement! Yay for Kate Blanchett! I'm a bit upset that JUNO lost out to No Country for Old Men with best screenplay. I am, however, glad that Javier Bardemn won for Best Supporting Actor.

Here are the winners:

Chase Whale

January 11th, 2008

I apologize for the overwhelming JUNO stuff, but I can't stress how good this film is. JUNO is on fire. We just found out today HERE there was a fluke with the box office records, and JUNO did in fact beat out I Am Legend for the weekend totals by a landslide.


Fox Searchlight has been kind enough to give JUNO fans the opportunity to download the screenplay for free Diablo to get that Oscar for best original screenplay. I have no doubt she will not have trouble getting to that podium. Well, if the strike is over, of course.

Fun Fact!: Diablo Cody wrote JUNO sitting in a Target Starbucks.

Chase Whale

January 11th, 2008

2/3s of
"Un cuento de amor. Una historia de terror."

Here is the Dallas locations where you can see this M. Night Shyamalan mirrored film:

Firewheel 18
Grand 24
Grapevine Mills 30
Irving 14
Mesquite 30
Parks @ Arlington 18
Stonebriar 24
Valley View 16
Cinemark 17
Legacy 24
Movies 8
Angelika Film Center & Cafe 8
Hickory Creek 16
Grand Prarie 10
Cinema Latino De Ft. Worth 8

Fun fact!: I grew up in Irving, and I know that on Tuesdays you can get in for four bucks and get free popcorn. Do it!

Chase Whale

January 10th, 2008


Gordonandthewhale.com are on top of things. We are not hosting this, and don't know who is, but we did find out how to get you there. Here is the information on the secret Cloverfield screening:

Screening date:
Tuesday, January 15
Cinemark Tinsleltown (972.665.2222 for directions)

Info. on how/where to get the tickets:
Hooters of Addison
5005 Belt Line Rd.
Addison, TX 75240
Saturday, January 12

Same goes for all screenings, limit one pass (2 seats) per person, and first come first serve basis, so get there super duper early if you wanna see Cloverfield before it comes out. See you there (hopefully)!

GATW Guest Writer

January 8th, 2008


1. 3:10 to Yuma

Starring: Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Gretchen Mol, and Ben Foster, with a cameo by Luke Wilson.
Directed by: James Mangold.
Written by: Halsted Welles and Michael Brandt.

Chase Whale

January 7th, 2008


Seems like there is a top secret FREE screening of CLOVERFIELD next week, three days before it's initial release. All you have to do is go to THIS page on 1/15 and it will tell you the secret location of the tickets. You will need these passes to get into the movie, and it's first come, first serve basis, so I would advise getting there super early.

Let us know if you hear of any changes!

Chase Whale

January 7th, 2008

JUNO is kicking some serious ass since going mainstream and opening city wide everywhere. The "little indie film that could" took the number three weekend slot going against big dogs like I Am Legend and National Treasure 2 and beating out Alvin and the Chipmunks is a really big deal. We fully support this film and are enjoying the ridiculous success it deserves. Go JUNO!

One Missed Call (think The Ring but not as stupid of a concept. I mean seriously, who would of thought a movie about a dead girl prank calling people would sell millions?) took the fifth spot, but I can pretty much guarantee it will not be there come next weekend.

Results (Dec. 28-30):

Movie Studio Weekend Gross Total Budget
National Treasure: Book of Secrets BV $20,225,000 $171,033,000 n/a
I Am Legend WB $16,300,000 $228,638,000 n/a
Juno FoxS $16,225,000 $52,032,000 n/a
Alvin and the Chipmunks Fox $16,000,000 $176,738,000 $60mil
One Missed Call WB $13,525,000 $13,525,000 n/a

Source- boxofficemojo.com

Chase Whale

January 4th, 2008


Chase Whale

January 4th, 2008

"Sometimes I ride my bike around town... it's a good way to get a tan."

A sensitive and humorous vérité portrait Of Billy, a 15-year-old outsider growing up in small-town Maine. Billy appears, in many ways, like other teenage boys. He’s into heavy metal and martial arts, is desperate to find a girlfriend, and aspires to a career as an actor and rock star. Yet in other ways Billy is unique. A troubled past and ongoing behavioral issues have left him marked. But he is unapologetic about his personality and refuses to be victimized, creating his own techniques to help him survive in an environment of pain, conformity, and prejudice. Billy is funny, sharp, strangely wise for his age, and remarkably candid. We witness life from his perspective—from intimate conversations with his mother, to being bullied at school, to his fantasies of becoming a superhero. We also experience the exhilarating pangs of first love as Billy pursues Heather, a shy 16-year-old waitress. Will Billy get the girl? Will his community accept him on his own terms? BILLY THE KID challenges viewers to imagine themselves beyond labels.

I have not seen this yet, but it's already won over SXSW, L.A., Melbourne, and Edinburgh film festivals. A young boy that wants to be a superhero, rock star, and walks around at night in a karate uniform? I'm in.

View official website and trailer HERE.

Chase Whale

January 3rd, 2008

When Rainn Wilson's Rollo tells Ellen Page's Juno to stop shaking the pregnancy test after she's obviously trying to get it to change shape, we all got a good laugh out of it, but artist Elliot Sharron took it to a whole other level. Here below is his latest etch-a-sketch of Michael Cera and Ellen Page!

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