With the summer officially underway, trailers for some of the year’s most hotly anticipated films are getting released.

One of these films happens to be one of the bigger for the upcoming fall season, and is Universal’s upcoming action thriller: THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.  The film stars Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, and John Slattery; and is based on a short story penned by sci-fi legend, Philip K. Dick.  It follows a politician and a ballerina who are thrust into the middle of a game of cat-and-mouse when they find out that the world that they live in isn’t quite what they expect.  The world is actually controlled by a secret organization that does more than anyone could quite expect. Continue reading

Nicolas Winding Refn still looking to DRIVE with Ryan Gosling

Nicolas Winding Refn

With the announcement that he would be helming the upcoming neo-Western ONLY GOD FORGIVES as his next film, many  fans of Nicolas Winding Refn were overjoyed, as well as quite melancholy, because this meant the imminent demise of his adaptation of James Sallis’ neo-noir novel, Drive.

Or so we thought.  According to Screen Daily, Affinity International is currently offering the project to buyers in Cannes, with Refn still attached.  The novel follows a Hollywood stuntman who happens to be a getaway driver for criminals.  He falls into some hard times when he helps a neighbor’s ex-boyfriend, thus creating quite a bit of drama. Continue reading

No MULHOLLAND DRIVE sequel according to Laura Harring; new film to “manifest soon”

Now comes the back peddling.

Just about a month ago, Laura Harring came out saying that she was “very sure” that we would soon be seeing a sequel to David Lynch’s masterpiece MULHOLLAND DRIVE, which at that time was “being born.” However cryptic that may have been, she has now spoken to MovieLine, and has stepped back from those comments:

"You know what? I didn’t mean to do that. The truth is that David is always creating, and I’m in constant touch with him and his wife Emily. We just have such a good time. I didn’t mean to say what David is doing or not doing, but we definitely have talked about collaborating in the future. We’ve talked about it several times. I’ve heard a piece of music that I believe could be…[long pause] in one of his films. Please don’t get me in trouble, Kyle!" Continue reading

NEWT is officially no more

It's been a good long while since we've heard anything out of NEWT (officially branded "newt" with all lowercase). There was some concept art leaked a while back but that's about all we have. Well, now we know why. NEWT has been canceled.

There have been rumors circling for quite some time, due to the inactivity and lack of anything coming out of the project, but only recently do we have our first real sign of cancellation. According to The Pixar Blog the film has been deleted from Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia, a Disney movie compendium of sorts, which is run by Disney archivist (which is possibly the greatest job in the world) Dave Smith. After being asked by TPB why the film was now missing, Smith replied promptly only with "The film has been canceled." Continue reading

Brad Pitt and Darren Aronofsky finally teaming up for THE TIGER?

Brad Pitt and Darren Aronofsky have a long history despite never working on a film together. Pitt was originally going to play Hugh Jackman's role in THE FOUNTAIN, but backed out before shooting began. He was also going to star in THE FIGHTER, but both he and Aronofsky left that one as well. Now, it looks as though the two might work together. However, it's probably not in the capacity we're expecting.

Check out the full story after the jump.

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Romero planning to shoot two more DEAD films

If you're a horror fan, you worship at the altar of George A. Romero. He will forever be in the pantheon of genre filmmakers and deservedly so. On May 28th, the zombie maestro's new film SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD finally hits theaters and yes, it's about the undead. Again. In a recent interview, Romero mentioned that he has "ideas for at least two more DEAD projects that he would love to shoot back-to-back, schedule permitting." The director also made it known that the next two films would "push the new ideas he's applied to the undead in SURVIVAL." Continue reading

Kurt Russell gets pulled into UNDYING, the mysterious film from BOOK OF ELI screenwriter

Kurt Russell

It seems as though this is the week for announcing that stars are signing onto movies that have virtually no available information.  So in keeping with that trend, Kurt Russell has now joined the cast of UNDYING (previously titled REAPER), a film described as a "neo-noir creeper."  While that does sound like an intriguing genre, it is also equally ambiguous, and so far, not enough is known about this script to clear things up much.

What we do know is that the script was penned by BOOK OF ELI's Gary Whitta, and it follows Kurt Russell's character, Virgil Lone, who gets pulled into a surreal underworld when he is hired by the mysterious Delia...and that's about all we know, aside from producer Stewart Hall's comments which you can check out after the jump: Continue reading

In the age of AVATAR, practical effects aren’t extinct yet

cgi vs practical effects

Editor's Note: This article was written by our pal, Billy Graham. You can follow Billy on Twitter HERE.

When Steven Spielberg was working on JURASSIC PARK in the early ‘90s, Phil Tippett was tabbed in pre-production to create go motion effects for the dinosaurs. When the two were looking at the rendering of a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing a herd of Galamides by Dave Muren and ILM, Spielberg proclaimed, "You're out of a job." That was when Tippett corrected Spielberg, saying "Don't you mean extinct?"

Many movie fans may recognize this exact quote because it was implemented by Spielberg into the film, but they may not realize the sheer significance of the effects. JURASSIC PARK had ushered in a shift in technology; go motion effects and other stop motion variants were soon to be replaced by computer generated images, or CGI, in live-action films.

True, much of the film still heavily utilized complex animatronics and puppetry that CGI simply couldn’t replace at the time, but the game had changed. CGI was on the forefront and was ready to be implemented into major Hollywood films. Continue reading

First Look: Helen Mirren as Prospera in THE TEMPEST

Julie Taymor’s new take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest finally has its new look to show off. Filmed last year, Taymor’s female-centric THE TEMPEST was one of the films left without a distributor when Miramax shuttered, back in January. The film will now be distributed through Disney’s Touchstone division, which will release the film in December. Taymor (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE) put her own spin on the tale, turning the male lead, Prospero, into a woman, and allowing the endlessly talented Helen Mirren to take over as “Prosepra.” Today, we’ve got our first look at Mirren in costume.

Up top, I’ve compared the “traditional” Prospero (from a painting by William Hamilton) with a small-scale version of Mirren as Prospera. They’re both oozing with intensity, and they’re both holding a version of the character’s famous staff. In The Tempest, Prospero was the magic-obsessed Duke of Milan who found himself (and his daughter Miranda) unceremoniously booted from his post, set out to sea, and stranded on an island. The play follows the series of events (including one curious storm) that turn the prospect and concept of revenge on its head. In THE TEMPEST, Prospera is the wife of the duke and heir to his title, who is “accused of witchcraft after [the Duke’s] death by his brother Antonio (Chris Cooper), so he can cast her off and claim her title.” Check out the full size image of Mirren as Prosepra after the break. Continue reading