PICTURES OF YOU in development


PICTURES OF YOU, a film featured on the 2007 Black List for best uproduced screenplays has found producers. David Permut, one of the producers behind YOUTH IN REVOLT, as well as Dave Gross and Jesse Shapira are set to produce the teen romantic comedy.

The film is about a boy living in a Florida resort town who finds a camera on a beach.  He develops the film inside and goes on a quest to find the girl whose picture was on the film.  I'm not too sure that this premise is realistic, as a most teenagers have gone digital, but there a few people (myself included) that still see the appeal of film cameras.  I am glad to see that film is still celebrated as an artistic medium. As a huge fan of The Cure, I can only guess that the title is in reference to the band's song "Pictures of You."

The script was written by Joshua Friendlander who sold his script ONE NIGHT STAN to Lionsgate.

Currently, the producers are looking to attach a director to the project.

Source Variety

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