Pierce Brosnan replaces Mickey Rourke in ST. VINCENT

There was a time shortly after Mickey Rourke found insane critical acclaim thanks to his work in THE WRESTLER when he was attached to just about every project in existence. Since then, it has become a lot more clear which ones he will and will not actually be a part of.

One of the projects which Rourke is no longer attached to is ST. VINCENT, in a role that will now be filled by Pierce Brosnan.

The role in question is that of Vincent Novena, a gun for hire who pretends he is a priest to get close to his target. The task ends up being much more difficult than he could have possibly imagined.

Although one could argue that Rourke's chops are a little above Brosnan's, that doesn't mean he can't be really great in the role. Brosnan is lucky enough to be a generally likable actor, just as long as he doesn't sing.

Source Variety, via Jo Blo