Ronnita Miller

Bio Pic


Ronnita Miller is a failure at interpersonal relationships. Upon first meeting her, she will charm the pants off you then immediately ask you to put them back on. That being said, she has chosen to live her life vicariously through film and what a roller coaster of a life it has been. Her first known memory involves a high speed bicycle chase as she helped her best friend abandon her forever in pursuit of a place called “home.” All this after he ran up her parents’ phone bill and polished off the last of her Reese’s Pieces.

Since then, she can hardly bring herself to look at the autumnal colored candies without feeling a stabbing pain in the left side of her chest and finds solace in the fact that they do not sell that confection at most cinematheques these days.

When not watching films Ronnita spends time writing about film and music, reading about film and music, and updating her Netflix and public library queues – mostly under the guise of menial office work. In addition to those things; she enjoys playing various musical instruments (very poorly I must say), having long conversations about the inner workings of her digestive and excretory systems, and adding to her collection of vintage clothing, shoes, and records.