Rose McGowan to star in Victor Salva’s ROSEWOOD LANE

We haven't heard very much from Rose McGowan after her B-movie turn as Cherry Darling in PLANET TERROR. Although she was rumored to play both Barbarella and Red Sonja at one point, nothing ever came of the sci-fi and medieval remakes.

It now appears that the sultry actress will star in ROSEWOOD LANE, a thriller from JEEPERS CREEPERS director Victor Salva.

McGowan will play a radio talk show therapist (kind of a sexy version of Frasier) who returns to the town where she grew up after the death of her alcoholic father. She soon discovers that the entire town is being terrorized by a local...paperboy. Is the paperboy in this story just obsessed with collecting his two dollars? Is this really an unofficial sequel to BETTER OFF DEAD?

Regardless, fans of the JEEPERS CREEPERS series will have to wait until ROSEWOOD LANE arrives before Victor Salva can return to the franchise. Hopefully, McGowan won't mind working with a convicted child molestor.

Source Screen Daily, via ShockTilYouDrop

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