Ryan Mahoney

News Writer


The floor is a sea of empty bottles. Cigarette smoke lingers in the air like a toxic cloud of uncertainty. RYAN MAHONEY, 24, stares at his computer screen as if it were an unsolvable Rubik's Cube. His hand POUNDS the desk which he occupies.


How does one write a bio about himself? Who am I? What have I accomplished with my life?

He moves the computer to the side, grabs a pen, and speaks the words aloud, moments before writing them down.


Ryan Mahoney was born in Houston, grew up in Plano, and currently resides in Austin, TX. From a very young age he was an avid movie watcher, wearing out VHS copies of Blank Check and Surf Ninjas. Fast forward to the year 2010, and his love for film has only blossomed. Some of his favorite films include: MAGNOLIA, DAYS OF HEAVEN, THE THING, A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, NAKED, BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, AGUIRRE: THE WRATH OF GOD, and CRIES AND WHISPERS. Ryan is also borderline-obsessed with buddy cop films (TANGO & CASH, SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO), as well as films that are "so bad they are good" (THE ROOM, TROLL 2). In addition to watching films he loves television (The Wire, Arrested Development, Buffy, Battlestar), food, and sports. He also does not like SCHINDLER'S LIST.