Symon Cordova

News Writer

It all started with his mother…she gave birth and then Symon was all about movies. No, seriously, Symon and his mom like a lot of the same movies and would always watch sci-fi and action/explosions and Alfred Hitchcock; she was his biggest influence as far as movies. Young Symon saw THE FIFTH ELEMENT like four times in the theater within one week (so it’s his favorite movie, because it had such a large influence on him at the young age of 10).

After that, it’s your standard story of happiness and joy. He grew up in Green Gables and then was shipped to Isla Nublar, where some biological tinkering and through no fault of his own, dinosaurs wreaked havoc on some lost tourists (oops…). But then he grew up, got married, and lives in a garage where he is working on a small machine that will allow him to travel six hours back in time in order to cheat the stock market and find the perfect woman who will save the earth from extinction. Now why is Symon writing in third person? He has no idea.