Francis Ford Coppola’s TWIXT NOW AND SUNRISE to feature a 3-D segment

With filmmakers deciding to experiment in the IMAX format by shooting respective scenes in the extra large format, Francis Ford Coppola looks to do the same, but with 3D.

According to 99% (via Bleeding Cool), the director has revealed that his upcoming film TWIXT NOW AND SUNRISE will feature “the latest 3-D technology – but as a brief dramatic segment that serves the story, rather than the typical two-hour multiplex gimmick.”

With the director looking to use 3-D similarly on his failed projects like PINOCCHIO and MEGALOPOLIS, this is a format the director has been looking to dabble in for some time now. While I’m not quite sure how this is planned to be used, I do think that this could be interesting. I think 3D works best as a way to immerse the viewer into a world, so as a whole, this sounds a lot more gimmicky than one would think, but without seeing the finished product, it’s hard to say what the 3-D will truly be like. Continue reading

James Cameron and Cirque du Soleil to team up for new film

It does not get anymore glitzy and gaudy than this. The biggest director to hit the blockbuster 3D movie scene is teaming with the biggest troupe to ever hit Las Vegas, one that gave a new definition to the term "circus." My retinas hurt just thinking about it.

It has been announced that a new 3D movie is in the works and it will combine the talents of James Cameron (AVATAR and TITANIC), Cirque du Soleil (the over-the-top circus show), Andre Adamson (SHREK), and Reel FX Entertainment. As far as special effects are concerned, it is possible that this will make INCEPTION look like an Ed Wood film. Continue reading

Guillermo Del Toro’s next film announced, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS; will be in 3D

While I hate 3D with the passion of a billion suns, I have to say, this sounds like visual music to my ears.

According to an interview with Collider, while Guillermo Del Toro was reluctant to use 3D in his take on THE HOBBIT, as he was hoping for a more coherent look to the series, he did go as far as to say that he was not only looking into doing it, but that his next film will actually be in the format.

Check out the full story, after the break. Continue reading

Director Steven Quale to bring some AVATAR magic to FINAL DESTINATION 5

Last year's THE FINAL DESTINATION made bank. The film hit just as the 3D craze was really starting to catch on, and the supposed last entry into the franchise wound up grossing $182 million worldwide. Not surprisingly, New Line isn't wasting any time getting FINAL DESTINATION 5 underway, and James Cameron protege and 3-D savant Steven Quale is set to direct.

Elaborate death sequences using the latest cutting edge tech will still get teen butts in the seats, guaranteed. Seeing those same sequences of joyful mayhem in 3D with one of the industry's best 2nd Unit Directors behind the camera is just icing. Quale has been working closely with Cameron since 1989's THE ABYSS, and probably shot a good portion of the action in AVATAR, which happens to be the highest grossing movie of all time. This might be New Line's best decision since signing Wes Craven for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET back in 1984. Continue reading

FURY ROAD to be rebuilt in 3D

Humungus in 3-D

It seems odd to have so many celebrities at a corporate tech event to unveil...a new TV. Nevertheless, actors such as Kevin Spacey, Noel Clarke, and Nicholas Hoult were on hand to see Samsung debut their new size-zero-slim range of LED TVs at the swanky Saatchi Galleries of London.

Hoult, who appeared in CLASH OF THE TITANS, is also set to take off down FURY ROAD, the long-awaited follow-up to the MAD MAX films. At the Samsung event, Hoult confirmed that the upcoming FURY ROAD, starring Tom Hardy and possibly even Charlize Theron, will be converted from 2D to 3D in post-production. With the much-maligned shoddy conversion of CLASH, is this a good idea? Continue reading

SPIDER-MAN reboot to be in 3D

In a world where 3D is the new trend, it comes as no shock when some of the biggest projects coming down the pipeline are set to be shot for the format. 

Sony Pictures has confirmed that the upcoming SPIDER-MAN reboot will indeed be distributed in 3D.  The studio has yet to reveal if the film will be shot for the format, or simply converted to it in post-production like CLASH OF THE TITANS.  It would be shocking if they decided to not shoot for the format, since we are currently in the very early stages of pre-production, and the film is set to release on July 3rd, 2012.

The film will be directed by Marc Webb, based on a screenplay written by James Vanderbilt, and will be seeing the neighborhood web-slinger back in high school.  Continue reading

JACKASS will be grossing us out in 3-D


Earlier this month, we reported that the third JACKASS movie might be coming at us in 3-D. Now we know for sure that Johnny Knoxville and the guys will be grossing us out in all 3 dimensions late next year. Of course the extremely outspoken Mr. Knoxville, cracked a joke about this announcement.

Check out what he had to say about the film, after the jump! Continue reading

James Cameron is producing FANTASTIC VOYAGE 3-D

Fantastic Voyage

I know what you're thinking, and no it isn't a feature version of the Coolio song (oh, how I miss you, 1994). Although Hollywood's remake fever is usually annoying, some projects reek of promise. As of now, that seems to be the case for this project.

James Cameron spoke with MTV about his next project he is developing at Fox, a remake of the 1966 classic, FANTASTIC VOYAGE. Cameron will not be directing this movie though, however, he will be the producer. The original was about a team of doctors who are shrunk and sent inside the president's body after an assassination attempt. They run into many obstacles on their submarine journey to his brain to remove a blood clot, which will save his life.

Being that Cameron is producing the film, it has a very good chance at being awesome. I can't wait to see this story with the special effects that we have today. After seeing how amazing AVATAR looks in 3-D, The 3-D for this film seems more promising. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this project in coming months.

GHOST IN THE SHELL adaptation gets new writer


GHOST IN THE SHELL is wildly popular, and still has hordes of die-hard fans. Dreamworks had this in mind when they purchased the rights to adapt the story into a live-action feature film. They announced that they were going to go the trendy 3-D route, and hired Jamie Moss (STREET KINGS) to begin penning the screenplay. That was some time ago, and not too much has developed since then. Moss must not have been getting the job done, as it has been announced that Dreamworks has hired a new writer to take over scripting duties, and this writer is fresh off a sure-to-be-hit film: SHUTTER ISLAND. Continue reading

SAW VII planned for 3-D


SAW VI will be opening just in time for Halloween, as has every film in the SAW series. Producer Mark Burg and co-writer Marcus Dunstan have now announced that SAW VII is already in development and will be shot in 3-D.

This is yet another horror genre film to jump on the third dimension bandwagon and it doesn't come as a surprise. The filmmakers insist that that the series lent itself to the 3-D format. "We saw a test that somebody did, a minute of SAW transferred from 2-D to 3-D and it looked great. We're not going to transfer VII, but we'll actually shoot it in 3-D. We want to be able to build the sets in a way that takes advantage of depth."

"We're going to design traps to come out at you," he continued. "The pendulum trap that opened the last movie would have been great in 3-D. There's a lot of the movie we're planning through the victims eyes, seeing stuff as it comes toward them. But I think the audience wants those moments where the weapon comes into the audience." Continue reading