“Tron: Uprising” gets a teaser trailer

TRON: LEGACY was released to mixed acclaim. Some people thought it was a great follow up to a series that they never expected to return, some felt that it was bland and uninteresting, while many found it quite middling. But, it did turn out to be a success for Disney, which is why they still had interest in producing a spin-off cartoon series called Tron: Uprising.

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ROGER RABBIT sequel will use motion capture technology

roger rabbit 2

I have been behind Robert Zemeckis for quite some time now. After all, he is the man that brought us the fantastic BACK TO THE FUTURE franchise. Then Zemeckis met his true love, motion capture technology. He then shared that love with the world in THE POLAR EXPRESS in 2004. Families everywhere were captivated by the spectacle.

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SMURFS: Gargamel out, awkward teens in


Take a good look at those cute, classic Smurfs. Now say goodbye to them, as it looks like the new SMURFS movie won't look anything like the Smurfs we grew up with. Awhile back, James let you in on the fact that the SMURF movie was going to be "a live action/CG mix with 3-D adaptation" with director Raja Gosnell already attached. The part that made me nervous was the "live action/CG mix" tidbit, and now my fears have been realized.

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THE JETSONS are jetting into production soon

I recently told you guys about Robert Rodriguez's busy schedule of films-to-do at his Troublemaker Studios, located in the great Lonestar State HERE. It looks as if one of the movies I mentioned to you all will be under way extremely soon. The plan is for shooting to begin on this film next year. As for now, "We’re writing the script,” says Rodriguez. Casting rumors are flying around, although none are based on anything other than hopefuls and guesses based upon looks (I agree that Danny DeVito looks amazingly like Mr. Spacely). This is one film I am definitely looking forward to. Who do you guys think should be cast in the various character roles?

Source: Moviehole

Big screen Johnny Quest

Warner Bros. is now working on their newest kid television-to-movie adaptaion, JOHNNY QUEST. So far it looks like this movie will be directed by Andy Flickman, who just got done with Disney's RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN. As far as casting, they have chosen to pursue two actors for the movie's biggest characters.

For Race Bannon, Warner Bros. is attempting to snag Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I have to admit that that could by a pretty decent casting decision. As for casting Johnny Quest they are attempting to wrangle in teen heart-throb Zac Efron, which I do not agree with!

I like the old JOHNNY QUEST cartoons and was even amused by the later modern television adaptations, so I had a preconceived idea of what Johnny should look like, and that look was far from the world of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. In the QUEST world, Johnny is a young 12-year-old boy. Efron is a 22 year old! Sure he looks like he is 18, but that is still a very big difference in age from 12. Plus Johnny is a blonde and I think Efron would look like quite a tool with blonde hair. I hate this casting decision and I hope it is to be fixed before any contracts are drawn. What do you readers think about this casting possibility? Who do you think should be cast?

Source: Cinemablend

Tom and Jerry seek the big screen

Warner Bros. has announced that everyone's favorite cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, will be transformed into a big budget film. This could be good news, but unfortunately these days studios are all about overlapping CG characters in a live-action world (ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, GARFIELD). I miss the good ol' 2-D cartoon look. This TOM AND JERRY movie could still have some potential (What's not to love about an uber-violent childhood cartoon?), but unfortunately what potential this movie could have might be squashed by the story.

The story of the movie explores the origins of Tom and Jerry's first meeting and why they hate one another (Does a cat really need a historical reason to hate a tasty little rodent?) Now the story gets even better: Tom and Jerry find themselves lost in chicago and are forced to put aside their petty dispute in order to forge a partnership that can help get them back home.

Why must everything these days be so politically correct? They have to take two sworn enemies that have a mile-long history of hitting each-other in the head, lighting each-other on fire, electrocuting each-other, and more, and help bring these two animals together to be friends, ignoring all animal instincts. Why not have them simply beat the crap out of each-other like the cartoon's creators intended? I do hope Warner Bros. finds some way to turn this project around, otherwise another classic will be defamed by an unfair update.

Source: Empire