Gary Ross holding out on CATCHING FIRE?

Despite making a literal boatload of cash, it appears as though director Gary Ross may be jumping ship for the inevitable HUNGER GAMES sequel.

THR is reporting that Ross is wanting a “significant raise” to helm the sequel, CATCHING FIRE, throwing quite a wrench into Lionsgate’s plans to get this sequel up and running prior to star Jennifer Lawrence leaving to go shoot the much talked about sequel to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

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“24″ film is still on its way; script still in the works

A 24 feature film has been in the works for a while now, with nothing real coming out of constant production rumors as of yet. The hit show starring king of all-around bad-assery, Jack Bauer, came to its end after its eighth season last summer. Needless to say, the 24 movie is a slow-gestating project that fans can't help but be riled up over.

Today's update on the project comes from a Fox TV executive who has his pulse on the status of production. Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice had this to say about the project:

"I don't work at the movie company, but my intelligence around the lot is everybody would very much like to make a 24 movie ,and I believe that they're working on the script. When they say 'We don't have a script,' they don't have a completed script that they're about to go shoot. There's a great desire to see Jack Bauer on the big screen." Continue reading

The Flintstones: new and improved, now with 50% more pop culture references thanks to Seth MacFarlane

America's favorite Stone Age family unit is getting the TV and film reboot treatment thanks to...Seth MacFarlane? Apparently, it has been a lifelong dream of The Family Guycreator to put his particular spin on Yabba Dabba Doo time and now it has become a reality at 20th Century Fox.

Deadline is reporting that the deal came after lengthy legal negotiations between Fox and Warner Bros., where the property has been since being absorbed by the company from creators/producers Hanna-Barbera (it premiered over at ABC in 1960). A premiere date for this updated version was not reported as a part of the deal. Continue reading

WTF: Fox working on post-apocalyptic ZORRO feature

Sometimes it’s tough to have faith in humanity. This is one of those times.

24 Frames is now reporting that the reboot game is continuing, and this time, it’s Zorro’s turn. That’s right, Fox is set to reboot the ZORRO film franchise, but this time, the character is heading to the future.

The film, entitled ZORRO REBORN, will see our masked hero returning, this time placed into a post-apocalyptic world, with nods to films like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and those of Sergio Leone  It’s currently in the early stages of development, and will be the first film since 2005’s THE LEGEND OF ZORRO. Continue reading

Shine options HUMMINGBIRD, from EASTERN PROMISES writer Steve Knight

One couldn’t ask for a better place to call home for a first feature than the one writer Steve Knight finds himself in.

Variety is reporting that the screenwriter has just had the feature film rights to his script, HUMMINGBIRD, not only optioned by Shine Pictures, with New Regency Productions financing, but that the film will also be distributed worldwide by 20th Century Fox.

The film is described as a thriller, which follows an ex-special services soldier, who ultimately becomes a criminal. Shooting is set to take place this fall, with casting currently underway. Continue reading

Release dates for THE SITTER and RISE OF THE APES shift

The good people over at 20th Century Fox appear to not quite know when the hell they want to release a couple of their bigger named projects.

According to their Twitter account, both THE SITTER and THE RISE OF THE APES have seen their release dates shifted.

First, David Gordon Green’s second film of 2011, THE SITTER, has moved from August 5 to December 9, leaving many to believe that the film itself just isn’t quite ready yet. Green will be seeing his latest film, YOUR HIGHNESS, hit theaters in a few weeks, so while we may have to wait a while for this one, a year with two Green films is a year that I really hope never quite ends.

Then there is THE RISE OF THE APES, which moves up dates, from November 23, to August 5, making it the “last big event movie of the summer,” according to Fox. Continue reading

24 movie to hit next year, according to Kiefer Sutherland

The 24 movie has been brewing for a while now, with seemingly very little progress happening. We had Billy Ray's script that got turned down a while back, and the film has yet to have a director attached. However, hopes still seem to be very high on the project from those involved.

But has 24 already gone the way of the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie? Kiefer Sutherland says otherwise, as he claims the film will release next year. Continue reading

Jason Bateman updates on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie

Arrested Development cast

The ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie is an allusive beast. It always seems like it's coming and we get updates on it constantly but have yet to see it come to fruition. This could mean several things. First, it might not be coming out the way that Mitch Hurwitz was hoping it would. Second, it could be coming out so incredibly well and he wants to make sure it is perfect.

This most recent update, from Jason Bateman, suggests toward the second scenario. You can check what he had to say after the break. Continue reading

Grab Bag: Fox picks up THE FIVE HUNDRED; Sony looking to nab PETER PAN starring Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

Following a week that saw the novel get picked up by publisher Little Brown, Matthew Quirk has now seen the film rights to his first novel, The Five Hundred, picked up as well.

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to the novel.

The novel follows “Mike Ford, a young man from the wrong side of the tracks who works his way through Harvard Law and is recruited by the most powerful PR/consulting firm in DC. He becomes the protege of of the firm's founder, who has his hooks into the 500 most powerful people in politics. The protege soon feels that he's sold his soul to his ruthless mentor.” Think WALL STREET, but for politicians. Continue reading

24 movie still on; filming starting in the next year

The 24 movie has been on a pretty tumultuous path since it was first announced, leaving all of us wondering if the film will actually even happen. The recent news that screenwriter Billy Ray's script had been rejected by the studio didn't help the case. It seems that hasn't stopped the movie yet, and they are still hard at work trying to bring Jack Bauer to the big screen.

This update comes directly from Jack himself, Kiefer Sutherland, and you can check it out after the break. Continue reading