Mel Gibson is back in a prison


No, Mel Gibson has not been arrested. At least not up to the point that I have written that sentence. Regardless of that fact, the famed and extremely talented man that does it all is headed to a prison. Which prison? He is going to an old and foreign prison, tucked away in a familiar place for him; the still-in-use Ignacio Allende Prison in Veracruz, Mexico. I say the place is familiar because some of the shooting on Gibson's last directorial effort, APOCALYPTO, was done there.

So, how did we find out about this project in the first place? Mel Gibson is one of the best in/out of Hollywood at keeping his projects completely under wraps. I mean, it was almost impossible for reporters to learn anything about APOCALYPTO, and even after they learned bits, nothing that solid was revealed until the trailer popped up. Well, this time we have been fortunate enough that an insider has spoken up. The Governor of Veracruz, Fidel Herrera, is currently exclaiming to all that will hear that a “grand production” is going to soon take place at the Ignacio Allende Prison, and Mel Gibson and company are the folks behind it all.

So, we know that Gibson is shooting a film at a historical prison in Veracruz, Mexico, but what could the film be about? Unfortunately, the governor isn't spilling the beans on that information, as of yet. But, with a little detective work, and the help of the handy dandy internet, maybe we can find a lead. Maybe. Continue reading

Governor Schwarzenegger is Expendable!

OK, lets run down this list one more time. So far THE EXPENDABLES is featuring an incredibly ripped Sly Stallone, Forest Whitaker, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke, among others. So how does Stallone top himself? Easy, by bringing in the Terminator himself, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Sure, the Governor is battling California's budget deficits, but that doesn't mean he can't make time to kick some ass! In the movie, he will be playing himself (the governor), and will be shooting for one day. Clearly Schwarzenegger hasn't been hitting the gym as often as Stallone has, but I'm sure he won't waste a perfectly good cameo on just a conversation, so there better be some butt-kicking!

This movie is gonna be off the chain, but now Stallone has expectations way up high, not only about the quality of the movie but also about the quality of the casting news that has slowly leaked onto the net over the past couple of months. If he wants to keep up this momentum, I have some advice: cast JCVD immediately!

Source: AICN

Val Kilmer does politics

Batman could be considering running for Governorship in New Mexico come 2010? Rumor has it that Val Kilmer is playing with the idea of replacing the current Governor Bill Richardson who just recently told television reporters that Kilmer replacing him is "a fine idea." I don't know much about Val Kilmer's political stances, but I do believe he'd have a good shot at getting into office simply based on name recognition (It worked for Ronald Reagan and Arnold the Terminator.) He does have a dark cloud looming over his head that could affect the voter's decisions though. In a 2003 issue of Rolling Stone magazine Kilmer put his foot in his mouth by saying he "lived in the homicidal capital of the southwest," and later "80 percent of people in my county [San Miguel] are drunk." Can Batman evolve from a butt-kicking vigilante, and into a Governor?

Source: The Independent