Scott Free backing PIGEON ENGLISH, Jack Thorne writing

After becoming one of the more sought after TV writer in the UK (with credits like Shameless, Skins ,and Coming Up to his name), writer Jack Thorne will be making his second feature film script for Ridley and Tony Scott.

Deadline is reporting that Thorne, who has made a splash with his script for the film SCOUTING BOOK FOR BOYS (as well as his TV movie, THE FADES), will be penning an adaptation of the soon-to-be-released novel by Stephen Kelman, Pigeon English. Continue reading

Tom Cruise to be the lead of TOP GUN 2? Writer thinks so; director, not so much

With rumors connecting Tom Cruise to the now apparently confirmed sequel to the legendary ‘80s action film, TOP GUN, Vulture now has word that he may be a much bigger player in the film than we previously thought.

The outlet recently received an e-mail from writer Christopher McQuarrie, who revealed that “there is no TOP GUN 2 in which Maverick is not the starring role.”

That isn’t what director Tony Scott thinks, though. Continue reading

Tony Scott directing TOP GUN 2

With the recent proclamation that a sequel to the classic ‘80s action film, TOP GUN, was indeed not only in the works, but would feature Tom Cruise in a small role, as well as the team of Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott being offered the producing and directing gig respectively, we now have confirmation on some of that.

According to the Australian site What’s Playing (via The Playlist), Scott confirmed that he will indeed direct the hotly-anticipated sequel, and while there was no other comment on the film itself, one can only imagine that this addition will signal Cruise and Bruckheimer’s involvement, with the former being more than likely a tiny cameo spot. Continue reading

Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer offered TOP GUN 2, Tom Cruise interested

Just about a week ago, I finally got the chance to sit down and re-watch the beloved ‘80s action film, TOP GUN.

Now, it’s a film that I’ve been meaning to revisit for years now, and I must say, it’s a wonderfully cheesy, action-packed film, featuring the Tom Cruise performance that I think embodies everything great about this oft-mocked thespian.

Well, according to Vulture, it looks like we may be revisiting this world in a brand new film. Continue reading

List of possible SUPERMAN directors features Zack Snyder, Duncan Jones, others


When you are Christopher Nolan, it would be easy to imagine that you could choose any filmmaker to helm a reboot of the SUPERMAN franchise, which you’re producing.

Apparently Nolan has realized this, and he’s made one hell of a wish list.

Deadline is reporting that Nolan’s producing partner, Emma Thomas, is currently talking to possible directors for the massively hyped superhero project (interestingly, not including Jonathan Nolan, a name rumored to be in the running, but apparently not), and it's quite a list. Including names like Tony Scott (read: WTF would that film look like), Matt Reeves, Jonathan Liebesman (who’s currently attached to the CLASH OF THE TITANS sequel), Zack Snyder (more on that in a minute). and even MOON director, Duncan Jones. Continue reading

Mark Millar claims KICK ASS 2 has a greenlight; envisions Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt for NEMESIS

Comic book writer Mark Millar likes to make stuff up. Remember that mindblowing revelation that Orson Welles wanted to make a Batman movie with Basil Rathbone as The Joker and Frank Gorshin as The Riddler? Yeah, Mark Millar made that up. All of it. You know, for fun.

Millar has since honed his skill for exaggeration now that he's entered the world of Hollywood, and his new comments regarding a sequel to KICK-ASS and NEMESIS seem a bit far-fetched. Here's what Millar had to say about KICK-ASS:

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Poster for UNSTOPPABLE screeches into view

UNSTOPPABLE Denzel Washington

Anybody iffy about seeing UNSTOPPABLE before may not want to see it now. The poster for this film is not great; when I first saw it, it actually reminded me of the beginning of MISSION :IMPOSSIBLE movies, with the burning wick. The train isn't even in it (there is a little metal scrape, from the brakes of the train giving out). And a movie about a train unable to stop should have a train in the dang poster!  

This poster is pretty much like everything we have seen over the past year - the main characters just staring at you, all serious-like. When I see this poster, I read it with Don LaFontaine's voice in my head. Check out the full poster after the break. Continue reading

Tony Scott to direct an adaptation of “Nemesis”

This has the makings of a match made in cinematic heaven, if I do say so myself.

According to Bleeding Cool, Tony Scott is currently in talks to direct the upcoming cinematic adaptation of the recently-started comic book series from Wanted and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, called Nemesis. Deadline is reporting that Fox has picked up the rights to the film, and it will be produced by the director's Scott Free shingle.

For those who don’t know, Nemesis is best described in the form of a pitch: what if, after some sort of pivotal moment in his life, Bruce Wayne chose to go the route of his polar opposite, The Joker, instead of taking up the cowl as Batman? This Mark Millar-written and Steve McNiven-illustrated series is the comic version of that concept. Continue reading

Trailer for Tony Scott’s UNSTOPPABLE

Tony Scott

There has not been a ton of news on Tony Scott's latest film, UNSTOPPABLE, other than who was going to star in it. Now it seems like the trailer itself has kind of popped up out of nowhere online. This film definitely has a real Scott feel to it. When you watch this trailer, it has that gritty, almost over-exposed feel. The only problem I have with this trailer is that it feels like it gives too much away, and you get a maybe too good of an idea of what is going to happen in this movie.

Check out the trailer for UNTSTOPPABLE after the break. Continue reading

WOLVERINE 2 to be helmed by either Tony Scott or Matt Reeves?

Oh Comic Con, how the rumors you create are utterly insane.

Apparently, The Playlist got a chance to chat with a “very reliable source,” and learned that the hunt for a director for Fox’s sequel to the dreadful film, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE has been on for a while, and it looks to be down to two. Check out the names, after the jump.

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