Your Netflix Instant Weekend: MICHAEL (2011), THE PRUITT-IGOE MYTH, and more

While pickings have been slim lately, there are several interesting things to check out over the long Memorial Day weekend.

How about a dark comedy about a pedophile and his kidnapped sex slave and a documentary about a legendary housing project? Continue reading

Your Netflix Instant Weekend: BAJO LA SAL, SLEEP DEALER, and more

A week long near-drought brings a condensed version Your Netflix Instant Weekend this week. There very few titles of note added, though there are still a few gems to be found. If you're looking for other options, don't forget you can always look at entries from previous weeks for other ideas of titles to add to your queue! This week we're going to travel South of the border for a thriller and some sci-fi from Mexico.

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Your Netflix Instant Weekend: GRIFF THE INVISIBLE, BRAIN SMASHER… A LOVE STORY, and more

If you're not one of the... every single person in America going to see THE AVENGERS (or even if you are!), there's plenty of new (or re-added) material on the Instant Netflix service to keep you busy this weekend. Let's take a look at a charming Australian normal dude superhero movie and a '90s direct to video action flick by a guy who directed a movie about one of The Avengers.

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Your Netflix Instant Weekend: THE WOMAN, FATSO (2008), and more

I owe many apologies for not providing this column last week (though there wasn't much to recommend anyways).

We pick back up with a great mix of new titles added recently including a deeply unsettling (and greatly misunderstood) horror film and a Norwegian sex comedy.

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Your Netflix Instant Weekend: RAMPAGE (1987), INTO THE ABYSS, and more

Despite a week light on new releases to Instant Netflix, there were still two absolute must-sees added. It's only by mere coincidence that both of them touch on the same controversial subject of the death penalty and both were made by master filmmakers (William Friedkin and Werner Herzog). This weekend be sure to check out a serial killer/courtroom drama that's both violent and thoughtful and a documentary about a brutal crime and the effects of capital punishment. Continue reading

Your Netflix Instant Weekend: POPATOPOLIS, THE GRAPES OF DEATH, RARE EXPORTS, SINT, and more

The slew of Instant Netflix releases on April 1st was no joke. A huge number of great titles were added (or re-added) and there are many to get excited about. Most importantly are a documentary about a prolific B-movie director, a French horror classic, and a pair of holiday themed horrors from across the pond. Continue reading

Your Netflix Instant Weekend: MY NAME IS NOBODY, CLOUD 9, and more

After a whirlwind week at SXSW it's back to business as usual. There are some exciting new editions to Instant Netflix ready for you this weekend. Let's take a look at a Western that was meant to close the books on the genre and a German love story about a late-age affair.

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Your Netflix Instant Weekend: THE LONG GOODBYE, MY LITTLE EYE, and more

The March 1st drop of new titles onto Netflix brought some real gems. Who needs Starz when you have such an incredible list of certifiable, forgotten or lost classics? In fact, there have been so many additions in the past week, I've had to pass over many great titles that I'll be running through in next week's column. In the meantime, be sure to check out a noir with a labyrinthine plot with which it seems wholly unconcerned and a reality (internet) TV-based thriller that's actually very good. Continue reading

Your Netflix Instant Weekend: BEING ELMO, PSYCHO II, and more

So where were we?

Before our brief interruption, we were on a steady streak of weekly updates of the best new content added to the Netflix streaming service. That tradition will continue now that we're back! For those of you new here, this is how it works: Each week I look at the new movies added to Netflix, pick a few of my favorites and suggest you watch them. I'll also pick a "wildcard", a movie I haven't seen that has a cool poster, a nifty trailer, falls into one of my favorite genres or stars a cute lady I like. Then at the very, very bottom, I'll throw in even more bonus recommendations so if you're a movie-watching fiend like me, you'll have plenty of titles with which to fill your queue. In the (likely) event of a slow week, I'll pick some of my favorites from Netflix' entire streaming catalog.

Sound good? So without further adieu I bring to you Your Netflix Instant Weekend 2.0. Continue reading