Tenacious D Rizes

Although many are excited about a certain Dark Knight rising, many others are excited about a different Rize. Tenacious D is back again, and are releasing their third studio album, 'Rize of the Fenix'. The band hasn't done all that much since 2006's PICK OF DESTINY, but are looking to change that now.

To celebrate their return, they've released this video that chronicles their return. Check it out below.

This video is a great return for them, and definitely sums up all that The D stand for as a band. Their massively inflated egos are at their best, and their sense of camaraderie and brotherhood certainly hasn't gone away. The cameos might be the shining star of the video though. Getting to see Val Kilmer with the band, and of course The D's good friend and collaborator Dave Grohl, definitely make it a memorable watch.

Tenacious D have been a major staple of my music repertoire  for a long time, and was severely disappointed when THE PICK OF DESTINY, the feature length film featuring the band failed to be a success. As for myself and most other fans, we still really like the film. So glad to see their re-Rize to power!

The album will be released May 15th.

Source Chud via /Film

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